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Monday, December 5, 2016

Fundraiser and Boycott for the CCC

Quasar attempting to fix the problem ???
In an effort to help the local cyber community the "award winning"  BatBlog is calling on for a fundraiser for the Clark County Chatter and administrator Quasar (shown above) otherwise known as The Big Q. We also are calling for a boycott of all Google products by all local computer users. Currently Google is holding The Big Q and the CCC by the balls in what looks like a hostile attempt to crush the local community forum.

Google has removed CCC from it's search engine and posts a warning to users that attempt to access the site that it is "Deceptive."  The BatBlog doesn't know what the Big Q has done to precipitate this ongoing warning  and banishment from Google but we support the right of freedom of speech and due process.

The BatBlog is calling on the likes of Rush Limbaugh, Glen Beck and other famous right wing nuts to come forward in protest of this blatant censorship of their right wing message. Supporting a fund raiser to among other things ...

1.) Allow The Big Q to update his computer from a rumored Commodore 64 to something more current. Maybe a Tandy 1000 as an upgrade...

2.) Purchase legitimate software from a  legitimate and secure provider that can't be hacked...

3.) Hire an IT guy who knows WTF he's doing...

4.) If all else fails provide front money to possibly bribe a Google representative to get back on the Web as a member in good standing...

We hope the Big Q hasn't sent Google a condescending personal message warning them like he does the membership of the Chatter... to behave or be banned. That might be a problem even the boycott and fundraiser can't fix...

Friday, December 2, 2016

The Singing Gondolier ???

Jeff Gondoliers ???
As noted in Wednesday's BatBlog Jeffersonville city councilman  Ed "Moe" Zastawny once again voted against a project of the current administration the "downtown residential overlay" Moe on many occasions has voted against projects and griped about current mayor Mike Moore and his policies and projects. The BatBlog in it's endeavor for the top news stories has inquired around town on what gives with Moe ?? Is it politics  or what ???

Singing Gondolier ???
 Several interesting theories emerged from The BatBlog investigation all of course strictly rumor and political conjuncture. The most interesting of which is what we call  the "Gondolier Theory." As discussed in Wednesday's post there may still be a faction of "Canal" supporters ...those in favor of the controversial "Galligan's Gully" the plan to pump sewer water through downtown Jeffersonville and call it a tourist attraction.

 Moe Z. being an political ally of Galligan and the "The Canal" and according to a rumor told to The BatBlog may have been in line for one of the prized Gondolier positions on the proposed Canal. Gondoliers traverse canals in boats called gondolas transporting tourists and sometimes providing entertainment such as singing (see video below).

 The BatBlog has no idea if Moe is a talented singer or even was in line for one of the gondolier positions.... but with the Canal idea apparently still in the conversation it does make for an interesting theory as to Moe's opposition to many administration projects....

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

The New Downtown Jeff ???

Recent changes in zoning requirements have some downtown residents of Jeffersonville up in arms. The city's Planning and Zoning Director Nathan Pruitt put together a plan that was narrowly passed recently by the City council on a  (5-3 ) vote. The plan to create a new "downtown  residential overlay" district  is designed to create additional housing units downtown in the near future.

  Some of the current downtown residents are not to happy with the approved changes feeling their voices weren't listened to or heard in the decision. The changes would allow for larger (taller) apartment buildings to be built to accommodate more downtown housing units.

 While the progress of the downtown corridor has been recently exciting and booming the concerns of current residents should be looked at carefully. People for the most part are leery and rightfully so of dramatic changes in the environment  they reside in , especially when pushed by government....Increased traffic, property values and the quality of life can all be effected with changes like the city has proposed.

 The BatBlog thinks if done right and the proper patience and planning this new district could be very beneficial and current residents could coexist with the changes. The City must make sure though that they take the current residents concerns and input into consideration. Current residents and taxpayers can't feel they are getting this shoved down their throats.

 On a curious other note ...note that the Downtown Jeff Facebook page  image (shown above) has a map that appears to show "Galligan's Gully" the once proposed Canal running through downtown Jeff in might be time to replace that image...Can you dig it !!!

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

A Time to Give Thanks ...

To All The BatBlog Readers and my cyber friends...

 Here's wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving Day...enjoy and have a safe holiday with family and friemds..

Monday, November 21, 2016

Special GCCS Board Meeting

A reader e-mailed The BatBlog details of tonight's School board meeting...

There will be a special board meeting on Monday November 21st at 7 o'clock at the Greater Clark administration building for the purpose of approving 1028 Resolutions for 3 proposed projects:
Northaven renovation project $6 million Projected tax impact 1.97 cents/ $100 AV
Charlestown Middle project $7 million Projected tax impact 2.3 cents/ $100 AV
River Valley project $9 million Projected tax impact 2.96/ $100 AV
Once the Board passes this (which they will) the community will have 30 days to gather signatures for or against.
This $22 million in bonds is in addition to the $8 million the board approved a few months ago.
The decision about what to do with Maple and Spring Hill won't be made until spring and could possibly mean more bonds.
Go to to view the agenda although no specifics are given
So for those of you NOT PAYING ATTENTION...they want to take out an additional 22 million less that SEVEN months after the 8 million they asked for in April.  According to the administrator's estimates in the April Resolution hearing, the cost of enclosing all three schools according to code would be 2 million per school over three if my math is correct that is six million (2 million per school) x 3 (years) = 18 million.  SO WHY ARE THEY ASKING FOR 22 MILLION?  THAT'S 4 MILLION MORE THAN ESTIMATED MERE MONTHS AGO!!  
For the April 5th meeting at which the 1028 Resolution was approved there were fancy PowerPoints and lots of information put out there for the public to see what the money was being spent for.  Now, there is NO INFORMATION!!!!  Nothing has been posted on BoardDocs, nor is the meeting published on the Greater Clark County Schools Facebook page.

Friday, November 18, 2016

Say it Ain't So Joe....

According to a News/Tribune article fourth place finisher in the recent Clark Co. council race Joe Hubbard (D) is considering filing for a recount of last Tuesday's election. "Say it ain't so Joe"...while legally he has every right to file ,  his only real chance would be to knock out fellow democrat Kevin Vissing for the 3rd position, The two republicans elected have solid leads for the first two positions... When The BatBlog went to press.  K. Vissing had about a 20 vote lead over Hubbard.

   The BatBlog thinks Hubbard should be a good sport and let the recount idea drop. If the GOP candidates were within reach we could understand it. A recount could only knock out Vissing if the results are overturned. We have seen in the past how recounts here locally have been a disaster in determining the actual vote count. So in the best interests of  everyone and to avoid infighting within the Dem. party we believe Joe Hubbard should step aside. K.V. has been a solid officeholder and Hubbard is a young man with future elections ahead of him...So Let it go Joe...

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

The Trump Presidency...

Unlike the over the top, radical and divisive campaign ran by Donald Trump in this year's presidential race, look for the Trump presidency to be a watered down version of things he promised. Don't look to soon for "The wall" or a mass extradiction of illegal aliens or even high paying jobs returning to the U.S.

 The BatBlog will certainly give Trump a chance to "Make America Great " and hopes for the best. One needs to realistic though....these campaign promises may be undoable even with a Rep. majority in both the Senate and House. The reason is simple A wall across the Mexican border would cost billions and his claim Mexico will pay for it is not plausible. Deporting illegals will involve a massive amount of manpower and money as well.  The notion that companies will magically just move jobs back to America is unrealistic also.

 The one thing Trump could influence is Obamacare, no doubt it will be changed to some extent but the idea he can make health insurance affordable while covering pre existing conditions is a pie in the sky promise that like most of his proposals may be mere dreams and campaign rhetoric...

 Washington D.C. moves slowly so any changes will take time. The BatBlog unlike the right wing with Obama will give Trump his due and every opportunity to come through with his campaign promises. We hope we are wrong about his policies and they work for the betterment of everyone like he promised on the campaign trail....