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Thursday, March 26, 2015

Common Sense And Or Shrewd Political Move....Or Both ???

Vetoed 3 mil ordinance
Whether it is just good ole common sense or a shrewd political move or both Jeffersonville Mayor Mike Moore vetoed the ordinance by the city council intended to earmark 3 million dollars for expansion of the Woehrle soccer complex. The ordinance which is highly unpopular with the general public and whose necessity and priority highly questioned passed unanimously at the last council meeting.

  Once again like her colleague Ed (Moe) Zastawny council president and spokesperson Lisa Gill became defensive and evasive about the true nature of the "non reverting" fund.  Zastawny has talked out of both sides of his mouth on this issue, denying at times it was for a "soccer" complex but he was just playing the political semantics game..... admitting later that an "indoor facility was in the plans all along".....

Council Pres. Gill
  The BatBlog applauds and supports Mayor Moore and his decision to veto this ordinance. It might be a shrewd political move eyeing the city's upcoming election and there is a good chance Moore's veto will be over ridden, but Moore is listening to the voice of the people. The voters and citizen's of Jeffersonville have spoken openly and strongly against this ordinance and the one abolishing the Jeffersonville City court earlier this year. The public's voice has been mostly fallen on the deaf ears of a City council that is moving forward for their own self interests and politics, while ignoring the very constituents that elected them.

 These are the reasons the BatBlog supports "cleaning house" of  the current City Council and electing those who can listen to the voters and listen to their wishes...

  Remain Vigilant My Friends.....

*** Note*** As always the BatBlog welcomes any opposing response... we are well aware that the BatBlog is read by many city and county officials...and they are most welcome to come on here and post their side of any story....but beware unlike years past, the people .... Are and will remain Vigilant !!!

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Exciting New City Council Candidates

Only head stooge "Moe" is seeking reelection 
   The BatBlog is excited and pleased over some fresh new faces that will be on the ballot for the Jefferesonville City Council...The current council will be for ever remembered as not the brightest crayons in the box. Their reckless spending on a soccer complex in a poor location that hardly anyone wants or feels necessary and the asinine decision to abolish the Jeffersonville City Court after over 50 years of stellar service are two of the most stupid moves by office holders in recent memory.  The childish political bickering with the mayor by primarily the "Three Stooges " on the council (Zastawny, Sellers and Smith) along with aforementioned mentioned decisions  have pretty much rendered this past term  by the council virtually useless.

Becka C. Dist. 1
   Thank goodness two of the three "stooges" (Sellers and Smith) are retiring and for progress sake lets hope we can remove the remaining seven and start from scratch. The BatBlog doesn't know a lot about some of the NEW candidates but there are several we know of and feel will make fine councilpersons.  They include Becka Christiansen (D) in the 1st Dist. who was an outstanding GCCS schoolboard member until unseated by Teresa (Fingers) Perkins. Dawn Elston (D) attorney and former FBI agent in the 6th Dist. will make an outstanding councilperson as well, her knowledge and experience will be invaluable on the council.

  We will touch on all the races in more detail as the election nears but here is an overview of the Districts....Like we stated Becka will be solid in Dist. 1. In Dist.2 the Democrats so far have no entry against Ed (Moe) Zastawny(R) the Dem.'s need to get in gear a put a good candidate up against Moe, he's been in there too long, is the daddy of the unwanted overpriced soccer complex , and plays childish political games...

In Dist. 3 (D) Kevin Vissing faces (R) Callie Jahn . Kevin is nice in parades with his Shelby but we need someone with a little more savvy on the council . Dist. 4 has sheriff's deputy Scottie Maples (R) and two Dem.s  Albert Frazier and Ray Wilkey will face off in May's primary to go up against Maples. In Dist. 5 incumbent Lisa Gill(R) will face former councilman Keith Fetz(D).... Gill has been a disappointment in her 1st term but she's better than Fetz whose public, childish rants against current Mayor Moore are an embarrassing example of why he has no business in any kind of position, plus he was a Galligan puppet.

   There is a big list of candidates both Dem. and Rep. for the at large berths (3). Incumbent Owen (R) needs to go, he won on a gimmick (his youth) last election but has shown little promise and is in over his head. He introduced the ordinance to eliminate City Court and is basically Jamey Noel's lapdog...

Nathan Samuel (D) is probably the only incumbent the BatBlog would even consider endorsing but he goes along with the crowd too much and Julius has shown by his term on the council that he has no business running for mayor....He's right where he needs to be in the planting flowers business...

If you have any comments or endorsements for other candidates please don't be afraid to share them. There are some candidates the BatBlog knows little or nothing about and would like to hear about them and the candidates themselves are always welcome to post on the Jeffersonville - Clark Co. blog   the "award winning" BatBlog....

Monday, March 23, 2015

Most Important Issue Facing Mike Moore's Re- Election....

 The next few months is critical in Mike Moore's re-election bid. The savvy, educated voter  is concerned about progress,  taxes, sewer bills and the canal project. The average voter could care less about those things he's  more concerned with the pothole issue far more than anything else.

  That's right Joe the plumber (average voter) doesn't follow politics and could actually care less and could give a rat's ass who his city councilman or even mayor is,....but let him hit one of the thousands of deep potholes that are everywhere after winter then lookout. He's on the warpath and want's to know why they haven't been fixed and who's in charge of fixing them.

  Nothing pisses off a driver and voter more than to hit one of those gargantuan potholes and knock your front end out of line,,,,flatten a tire....and rattle your teeth....

   So a word of advice MM... get your street dept. in gear, work some overtime or hire extra help , but get them damn potholes filled as quickly as possible. Your opportunity to be reelected might depend upon it....this may be the most important issue you'll face...

Sunday, March 22, 2015

UPDATE on Joe Renck's Parking Space........

The BatBlog has been informed that the new parking sign for the Community service director Joe Renck has already been removed and replaced with a  Handicap parking sign in the former no parking zone. We don't know what came down , but obviously the BatBlog's story got someone's attention. As a couple of reader's mentioned, how could a  private parking place be marked off on a public street anyway....Question is now  "Where will Joe park ???

Remain vigilant my friends....

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Drug Court Controversy....Is There a Cover Up ???

 As predicted by the BatBlog when the news first broke on the Clark Co. drug court controversy last one was criminally charged from Judge Jerry Jacobi's staff and Jacobi himself got merely a slap on the wrist for his involvement in last year's drug court fiasco.

  In exchange for Jacobi agreeing to never be a judge again, the judicial commission assigned to the case agreed to stop any further investigation into the incidents that spawned a federal lawsuit against Clark Co. by nearly 40 drug court defendants who have claimed rights violations.

  Is there a cover up here ??? Damn right there is... Every voter, taxpayer and citizen in Clark Co. should be outraged about this curious decision to let Jacobi off the hook with out even following up on the allegations, These were serious allegations of false arrests, denying citizens of due process and their rights to an attorney. Several defendants were held in jail for months past their release time.

  So we are left with basically no personal punishment evoked for denying these people their constitutional rights by a judge whose duty and oath was  to uphold and apply law. By no charges being filed against the two fired employees the public will never know the complete story and facts that would have come forth in a trial of law. While we can guess that the two employees were simply following Jacobi's orders, we are left with questions instead of answers on the curious and convenient decision of investigators and the judicial commission NOT to charge or punish ANYONE in these disturbing actions.

  The punishment will be dealt instead to the innocent taxpayers of Clark Co. who will more than likely have to pony up huge dollar amounts to the drug court defendants in their civil suit. The only thing Jacobi gets out of this whole mess is a legacy of being a "crooked" judge who may have been more guilty and a worse person than many of those he passed judgement on  all those years he sat on the bench.  And sadly there is not a damn thing we can do about it.....

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Update on the "Disgruntled County Workers" Story

Update on the recent story on the letter sent to the Clark Co. Commissioners .Among other things in the letter, the writer mentioned how Judge Joe Weber's alleged lapdog Joe Renck parked illegally  on Watt St. Thus alluding to the special treatment and benefits the writer believed workers who worked under judges (Weber and Carmichael) received.... especially Renck.

  Well the anonymous letter and the BatBlog story must have got some immediate attention, because lo and behold overnight Renck's illegal parking  became (apparently) legal as a shiny brand new sign (in picture) sprouted up. The picture sent to the BatBlog  shows the new sign and the still remaining yellow lines from the former no parking zone.

    Frankly the BatBlog could give a rat's ass where Renck parks his truck, but is does appear to validate the concerns of the writer and his letter  to the Commissioner, and it would be interesting to find out who requested and authorized the new sign on the taxpayer's dime...."Stay Vigilant My Friends"

Tuesday, March 17, 2015