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Thursday, October 30, 2014

It's Time For a Change in the Clark Co. Assessor's Office

Clark Co. assessor incumbent (D) Vicky Kent Haire, who has served several positions in county government over the years faces newcomer local real estate agent  Martina "Tina" Webster (R). We thank Ms. Haire for her service but the BatBlog have noticed a steady decline in recent years in the customer service and help provided by the office,  The information and customer service from the Assessor's office is probably the most important of any county office, because they determine the value of ones property and the tax liability of property owners through out the county.  As anyone who owns property(real estate) knows, there are a lot of discrepancies and mistakes made in what is a complicated assessing process, and that is why good information and customer service is essential to this department.

  No one wants to pay more than their fair share of taxes and with the recent decline of the service and the explanations provided,we wonder if there aren't a lot of taxpayers paying more taxes than they should. Gone are the days when the local assessor or agent of the office would go home to home checking with the home owner for mistakes in things like sq. footage, no of rooms, etc. Now the work is outsourced, and it is up to the taxpayer on his own time to make sure things are correct and attempt to get a logical answer on why his assessment and taxes went up. And file and follow through on their own time any appeals process.

 That's why the BatBlog feels it's time for a change , Ms. Webster with her background in real estate, her understanding of property values and the reasons behind them is a perfect match for this office. She has already obtained her level 3 certification as a qualified assessor. she has all the qualifications, education (bachelor's degree from IUS), work experience, and the dedication to helping the public understand property taxes and values as demonstrated by her web site  which we encourage you to check out and we guarantee you has more information than provided by the current assessor's office, or any other government office on understanding how the assessment system works. Ms. Webster has also vowed to make customer service and public education her top propriety and extending office hours if possible for convenience to accommodate taxpayers, provide answers , and better educate the public....

 Ms. Haire ,as we said before we thank you for your service but she is also one of the good ole boys/girls  Galligan, Perkins, Rodden, Jacobi and company whose time has passed it's time for a younger , better educated assessor to meet the modern changes of real estate, taxes and assessments.

The BatBlog gives a strong endorsement to Martina "Tina " Webster for Clark Co. Assessor....

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Conflicted Feelings on the Judges Races

There are two judges races on the ballot here in Clark Co. on Nov. 4. In Circuit court 3. incumbent Joe Weber (D) faces a challenge from local attorney Kyle Williams (R). Weber is the nice guy, that personally everyone seems to like. He rides around in all the parades in his little old truck, sporting his silly hat and is all smiles....kind of a judicial Ronald Mc Donald...don't get us wrong we like Joe Weber and more than likely he'll win big over newcomer Williams.

   The problem we hear with Judge Weber are reports of a couple of probation officer employees running roughshod over Joe creating dissension  within the Department. It appears to be a case of  "the monkey's running the zoo" scenario . Take home vehicles, poor work habits (time on the job, doing things not within the scope of their job), personal credit cards  and other issues appear to have created  a question of government waste as well as the dissension in the Dept. Judge Joe you preached fiscal conservatism in your N/T  interview how about cleaning up the alleged mess within your department,

 It won't make much of a difference though Weber has that consummate nice guy and politician persona and we are not sure Mr. Williams has the background or experience to handle the huge caseload required of a Circuit Court 3 Judge. Ronald errr we mean Joe will be reelected.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Election 2014.....How We Choose Our Endorsements

The savvy, educated voter needs to do his research and understand the qualifications, education and experience for each candidate pertaining to the office he or she seeks. As well, personal character, and how a candidate responds under pressure from difficult questions that arise during campaigns should be taken into consideration as well. Thankfully the days of pulling the straight party ticket are for the most part gone. It's absurd to think that one party would put forward the best , most qualified candidate in each and every different position and office on the ballot. For many years especially here in Clark Co. straight party voting was almost the norm with the GOP a lot of times not even bothering to field a candidate for certain offices, knowing it was futile. The  Dem. primary was actually the real election.

   The BatBlog's political writer Hoosiertaxpayer having observed, participated in, and voted in, local and national politics and elections for over 40 years tries to take all the factors mentioned above in deciding who the best candidate for each office is and who he will vote for and recommend. Yes it can be subjective, but a lot of times there is a clear difference. Unfortunately many voters due to time constraints because of family, job, etc. or a polarized  to hated view of politics in general don't bother to vote or educate themselves on the candidates. There are a lot of candidates who rely and thrive on this, knowing that if they are lucky enough to win early on they can ride the benefit of name recognition into more success at the polls in the years ahead. This has been prevalent here locally for quite a time and it leads to a entitlement attitude in long time office holders who feel so comfortable that they become narcissistic. We've seen it a lot here locally, which  recent events, crimes and controversies concerning our politicians bear out.

  We can't let these old time office holders or any office holder for that matter get so comfortable that they forget they work for us and are only entitled to do just that and nothing more... work for us...There are clear choices in the upcoming election, we have tried to point out the races where there is a clear choice sheriff, prosecutor, auditor, clerk, and assessor, We have no political party agenda, merely pointing out the most qualified and capable who we think will be the best office holders and public servants...

Whatever your decision is be sure to Vote on Nov. 4

Monday, October 27, 2014

Some Of The Other Races...Election 2014

Today we'll recap some of the other less publicized but equally important races as the election nears. In the Indiana state representative race Dist. 71   incumbent Steve Stemler (D) faces Libertarian candidate Russell Brooksbank. Stemler has been a popular vote getter here locally and should win easily. The BatBlog feels until the Libertarian party eases their stances on government programs like Soc. Security, Medicare and Medicaid, they are facing an uphill battle to be  legitimate and viable contenders  in key races. Mr. Brooksbank has shown he has some good ideas and we appreciate his participation here on the BatBlog, but we feel the public's perception of Libertarians as anti everything government will kill his chances. Stemler wins big...

In the 9th Dist. Congressional race incumbent Todd Young (R) will win easily over two contenders, Bill Bailey(D) and Mike Frey(L). Bailey doesn't appear to be campaigning to hard and Frey again will be burdened by the perception of the Libertarian party. The big difference though is that  9th Dist. is just is a highly republican district. Young will win big.

 In the Clark Co. treasurer's race newcomer Nancy Mc Divitt (D) faces incumbent David Reinhardt. Ms Mc Divitt has run a low key race, so low key that the BatBlog isn't sure what her qualifications are. Reinhardt should and will win easily

 Finally in the local Indiana state senate race incumbent Ron Grooms (R) seeks reelection in a rematch with Chuck Freiberger (D) who he faced in the same race four years ago.  The BatBlog has always considered Grooms one of the most wishy washy politicians around, but he is a nice guy and sometimes being a nice guy is enough. We predict Grooms will win but it could be close...

*** This week the BatBlog looks at the other key local races... Clark Co. assessor, recorder and the judges races plus an election eve preview...Stay Tuned and Be Sure To Vote


Sunday, October 26, 2014

Regulating Volunteer Fire Departments...The Jamey Noel Rule ???

Thumbs up to the Clark Co. Commissioners for giving consideration to greater scrutiny and possibly more regulations of county volunteer fire departments. Volunteer fire departments are not the strictly volunteer, unpaid organizations that they are perceived to be by much of the public. Many VFD's employ full time employees and have been the target of charges of favoritism, cronyism and recently, political practices. The BatBlog is pretty sure that the GOP sheriff candidate Jamey Noel and his relationship as chief of the Utica volunteer F.D. and the controversy regarding political activity at a building owned by the UVFD and New Chapel EMS is behind the commissioner's recent scrutiny, and rightfully so.

These are tax dollars being used by these VFD's to operate. These monies and operations need to be monitored strictly so that tax dollars are wisely spent and the operations and hiring practices  are fairly administrated. There have been accusations that an inordinate amount of friends and family are employed by the UVFD and the New Chapel EMS two organizations Mr. Noel apparently oversees and when you factor in the political activity we can see where those same words "doesn't pass the smell test"  come into play again. Not saying there is any wrong doing, but there appears to be several questions that should be answered...

It's a good move for the commissioners to look into these VPD's and we hope they follow up on their consideration of  possibly adopting an ordinance.....

Friday, October 24, 2014

Jeremy Mull Needs to Be The Next Clark Co. Prosecutor

Day in and day out chief deputy prosecutor Jeremy Mull (R) has been the down in the trenches, doing the hard work, and has been the face of the prosecutors office for several years now. It is time to give him the title of Clark Co. prosecutor. A couple of months back we posted a glowing recommendation from Co. Commissioner Rick Stephenson on Jeremy's candidacy and in Mr. Mull's own words his background, experience, and qualifications for the job. I encourage everyone to check it out   CLICK HERE....

 Nothing against his opponent Bob Bottorff (D) who was doing an excellent job in his short stint as local Democratic chair, but Mr. Mull's experience and impressive resume' make him the man for the job, hands down. In the words of one local attorney (paraphrased) Mr. Mull is a better litigator while Mr. Bottoroff is more of a politician...The choice is clear Jeremy Mull for Clark Co. prosecutor....

The BatBlog feels Mr. Mull will win the Nov.4 race rather easily as his record, experience, and background make him stand out from his opponent...

Be sure to Vote !!!

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Breaking Story....Clark Co. Probation Office Under Investigation ???
  It appears that some of the rumors about the Clark Co. probation office may be coming true. Several sources have informed the BatBlog that there is a story(s) in the works from local news agencies about Indiana State police investigating the probation office and several different employees. It appears as rumored police investigators are going over time sheets and other matters including alleged probation department employees doing political work (erecting signs) during work hours and a lack of supervisional control by several local judges over said employees. The BatBlog has names of the judges and employees involved in the investigation but will not release them until a more appropriate time. While we will still treat this as a rumor, the BatBlog feels something is coming down so watch the headlines and remember where you heard it first on the "award winning" BatBlog...

Will this be ANOTHER black eye on the Clark Co.judicial and correctional systems ??? only time will tell....Stay tuned and tell your friends about the BatBlog and as always "stay vigilant my friends"...