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Monday, August 25, 2014

Clark County Prosecutor

  Election day 2014 is a little more than two months away. We here in Clark Co. will be making important decisions in key law enforcement and judicial positions. One of the most important of these positions is the county prosecutor, where current Deputy prosecutor Jeremy Mull (R) faces Jeffersonville attorney Robert Bottoroff (D).  GAW (Goliath and Wimmens News) has posted Mr. Bottoroff's ideas on the prosecutors position. In turn the BatBlog would like to talk about Mr. Mull's candidacy with an opening statement by current Clark Co. Commissioner Rick Stephenson and Jeremy's own words on his candidacy.

Jeremy Mull has an impressive combination of resume', background, and experience prosecuting most of the key cases the last several years here in Clark Co. Mr. Mull details his upbringing, education, experience below and in his website which which we encourage everyone to check out at :Jeremy Mull for Prosecutor    The BatBlog also would like to encourage you to vote for Jeremy Mull this fall. We feel he is the most qualified, most experienced and along with his hard work and integrity has earned the respect and confidence of the people of Clark Co. to be their next County Prosecutor... Vote for Jeremy Mull

Clark Co. Commissioner Rick Stephenson on Jeremy Mull :
Since meeting Jeremy almost two years ago I have come to consider him a friend. My first impression of him was of his unobtrusive manner. He is not out there trying to grab every bit of face time his position offers. To the contrary he tries to avoid being the center of attention. His way is not to be a flamboyant socially acceptance hound as so many are, IMO the most flashy thing he has is his Corvette.

We have seen many articles about the qualifications of his opponent and little said about Jeremy's. I would like to let everyone know about this man that I am proud to call my friend.

This is taken from his website and says more of this man's commitment to justice than I ever could. His commitment to justice is not just local but worldwide as you will see, The self sacrifice of not only his time, but his personal safety shows his dedication to bringing justice to the world.

Thanks to my good parents, I had the opportunity to grow up on a chicken and cattle farm with my brother and sister, helping raise forty-thousand chickens and a herd of beef cattle, and putting up square-bale hay in the summers. I was able to grow up fishing, learning to shoot with BB guns, slingshots, a bow and arrow, and riding  horses, motorcycles, and go-karts.  I worked almost full-time throughout high school, starting out working at a wood factory in the summers, then carrying out groceries, stocking shelves, and unloading semi-trucks after school until I graduated. I graduated from Eastern High School as Valedictorian in 1992. I attended college at Indiana University Southeast, while also working forty to fifty hours per week guarding furniture factories, hospitals, and industrial facilities for Pinkerton Security and its successors. I graduated with a B.A. in Psychology, and was named "Outstanding Student in Psychology" and "Outstanding Public Speaker."  I obtained my Juris Doctorate from Indiana School of Law, Bloomington, where I was one of the few students to start and successfully complete the "Accelerated Law Program," obtaining my law degree in two years instead of the customary three. 

I interned in the Clark County Prosecutor's Office in 1998, became a Clark County Deputy Prosecutor in 1999, and worked in that capacity until 2006. During that time, I prosecuted thousands of drug cases, including many high-level dealing cases,  complex conspiracy cases, and homicide cases. From 2006 until 2008, I served as the Chief Legal Advisor to the Police Peacekeeping Mission in Sudan, and then as Police-Prosecutor Coordinator in Afghanistan, on behalf of the U.S. Department of State, International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Division.  In 2008, I was requested by Clark County Prosecutor Steve Stewart to accept the position of Chief Deputy Prosecutor in Clark County, and, after accepting, have served in that capacity ever since.  I have been an Adjunct Professor of Criminal Justice at Indiana University Southeast since 2001, teaching criminology, criminal law, and criminal procedure classes during evening hours to hundreds of students working towards a career in law enforcement. I currently instruct local police officers on Indiana criminal laws and procedures, both in an academy setting and via presentation of legal updates. I have taught prosecutors across the state for the Indiana Prosecuting Attorneys Council on prosecuting Habitual Offenders. I have also trained United States Law Enforcement Professionals who are deploying to Afghanistan with the United States Military on Afghan law and police/prosecutor procedures on behalf of the United States Department of Defense. This training is used to assist the Afghans identify, arrest, and successfully prosecute terrorists, insurgents, and other serious criminals.

​I have received extensive training in law enforcement and prosecutorial subjects. I am a graduate of the U.S. Secret Service course in Hoover, Alabama on Forensic Computer Analysis and Presentation in Court, and their course on Forensic Mobile Device Examination and Cellular Networks. In addition, I graduated from the U.S. Attorney's Office course on Investigation of Computer Crimes at the Plainfield Police Academy. This type of training is essential for a competent prosecutor, as most murder and many sexual assault cases in today's era necessarily involve forensic electronic device analysis and a thorough understanding of the technology and legal requirements for admissibility in court. 

I also graduated from the National District Attorneys Association course on Arson and Explosives Investigation and Prosecution, and the Advanced Trial Advocacy course, both in Columbia, South Carolina. I further graduated from courses on the Use and Management of Confidential Informants (essential to successfully eradicating narcotics trafficking),  the U.S. Bureau of Justice Assistance Methamphetamine Investigation Course, PowerPoint for Law Enforcement (for criminal jury trial presentations), Michigan State University's Criminal Intelligence Course (for identifying and taking down criminal networks), and courses on field-testing drugs, investigating animal cruelty cases, and prosecuting child molesting cases. I graduated from the Northeast Counterdrug Training Center and Indiana State Police Top Gun Undercover Drug Investigation Course, and have returned as an instructor in all subsequent Indiana courses. I also completed the World Bank's Financial Crimes and Corruption Investigation Course. These are just a few examples of the extensive training that I have worked hard to obtain over the course of my career so that I can be the most knowledgeable, competent, and capable prosecutor possible. 

I have obtained convictions in thousands of criminal cases, and successfully conducted dozens of jury trials in Clark County, including murder, attempted murder, arson, child molesting, bank robbery, battery, drug dealing, residential burglary, and theft cases.

I understand that over 90% of all crime in Clark County is related to drug use. For families of the drug-addicted, this can be a heartbreaking process of seeing a loved one move towards self-destruction and harmful behaviors. For crime victims, drug-fueled crimes can lead to death, injury, medical bills, property-loss, increased homeowners premiums because of break-ins, and a loss of the sense of security. In response to this, I was a founding member of the Clark County Drug Court Program, which seeks to put some low-risk drug-addicted offenders into intensive treatment and court monitoring programs, and has been proven to greatly reduce recidivism and help graduates live productive, law-abiding lives. I continue to believe that mandatory treatment should be required of all criminals who have a drug problem. However, for those individuals who sell drugs and, in effect, facilitate the crimes in our community, I firmly believe that lengthy prison sentences are the most effective way to rehabilitate them. If elected, I will use all of my experience, training, and resources to attack the supply of illegal drugs in our community to reduce crime and to reduce the heartache of family members of those persons affected most. 

I live in Clark County. I care deeply about keeping our community safe for the sake of my loved ones and yours.

Friday, August 22, 2014

Political Dirty Behavior ....Legal but Unethical ???

   Former Clark Co. attorney for outgoing Co. Commissioners Greg Fifer (Curmugdeon) recently posted in the "Jeremy Mull For Prosecutor" thread on the Clark County Chatter and GAW about how we Clark Countians need to "clean house" at the prosecutor's office citing a case where an admitted sex offender plea bargained a deal for three years probation and no jail time by the Clark Co. prosecutor's office. Mr. Fifer went on to cite this as a "outrageous sweetheart deal" . While the BatBlog agrees this plea does seem rather lenient, this appears to be a thinly veiled attempt to cast aspersions at Rep. candidate and current Deputy Prosecutor Jeremy Mull's candidacy. What Mr. Fifer conveniently omitted from both posts is that Mr. Mull did NOT even prosecute this case. When the BatBlog reminded Mr. Fifer that there were a couple of alleged seemingly  "sweetheart deals" during Mr. Fifer's tenure as Co. attorney and this appears to be a case of the pot calling the kettle black,  he went all ballistic calling BatBlog representative HT a "cowardly liar."

   While BatBlog couldn't give a rat's Ass about what Mr. Fifer thinks about HT (he's been called worse by much better men than Mr. Fifer.) The BatBlog would like their readers to weigh in on Mr. Fifer's remarks concerning Mr. Mull and some of the alleged  "sweetheart deals" he himself may or may not have brokered during his tenure as attorney for the Co. commissioners. For those who may or may not be aware one of the alleged "sweetheart deals" one was discussed quite extensively on the Clark County Chatter Oh Ed Meyer , Really ?? with quite a bit of commentary by Mr. Fifer himself...Make up your own minds Legal but unethical a "sweetheart deal" ???

   Of course Mr. Fifer though he resides in Floyd Co.and Mr. Bottorff works in Mr. Fifers firm is certainly entitled to his opinion and support any candidate of his choice and the Dem. candidate Robert Bottorff seems to be a fine, respected man and worthy opponent and did an excellent job as local Democratic chair. He certainly doesn't need dirty political insinuations and accusations to further his candidacy.

Special thanks to current Co. Commissioner Rick Stephenson for pointing out Mr. Mull didn't even prosecute the  a fore mentioned child molestation case to the Clark County Chatter readers. A lot of our local politics, supporters and politicians rely upon the lack of knowledge and unawareness of the electorate...

Stay vigilant and aware my friends....

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

The Stooges Change Their Mind

They either realized how stupid they looked and sounded or bent to public pressure but the stooges on the Jeff City Council flipped and allowed the rezoning that will make the  the 10th St. hotel project reality. After running out of lame excuses ...waiting on sewer plans, don't like fast food restaurants, too much traffic they could stall no longer. Especially when the consensus of the public was this was a good and much needed project.

 This isn't the first or the last idiotic move or statements by some of the simpletons on the council . The Public just has too remind them at times how stupid some of their decisions are and because they have the collective backbone of a jellyfish a lot of times they will back away or flip flop on their original stance. It's just a shame some of these morons were ever elected and we have to remind them to quit their political posturing and do the right thing.... They must take political advice from fellow idiot NHBSM...

Monday, August 18, 2014

Dick Jones....A True Public Servant

 With all the news lately of the arrests and embarrassing behavior of elected officials, it's refreshing to report a nice, positive story about the retirement of Dick Jones. After many years of outstanding service at various positions of City and County government Mr. Jones has decided to step aside.

 While some of the whacko conspiracy theorists like NHBSM  (Not Honest But Simple Mike) believe it is a political move to allow the appointment of Lincoln Crum to Mr.Jones' Recorder position thus giving Mr. Crum an advantage in the fall election. The BatBlog believes whatever Mr. Jones' reasoning for stepping aside he deserves a profound thank you and appreciation from Jeffersonville and Clark Co. residents for his years of service serving the communities.

 Mr. Jones has been the epitome of good behavior and character that we expect but rarely receive from our elected , public officials. Whatever he decides to do in the future...The BatBlog says "Thank You" and "Good Luck" to a true Public Servant....Dick Jones