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Thursday, September 18, 2014

Local Democratic Caucas

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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Jacobi ..Cat Got His Tongue ??? What's He Got to Hide

There's been a lot of interest, judging by the volume of comments in the earlier post on the Judge Jacobi furniture move. At first I thought it was a non issue but moving forward it looks more and more like there may have been a cover up. Some questions....Why doesn't Jacobi talk to the press ??? Why does Jacobi need a lawyer ??? his attorney Larry Wilder (in the video) is always doing his talking for him. It's been my experience mostly guilty people "lawyer up " Why didn't the Jerry's Place residents move the furniture ??? Seems like common sense to just give them a call and have them pick it up... Why didn't Brian Meyer acting sheriff and Dem. candidate for the position not ask what the inmate was being released for ???  Seems like a logical, necessary question in his duties as Sheriff.

  The BatBlog has on numerous times posted about the problems in the Clark Co. justice system. Drug usage in the C.C. jail, employees being arrested, the probation dept., the Rodden arrest and the drug court fiasco....This latest controversy while not on a huge scope does appear to be a case of lack of supervisional control on several levels and the old adage "the monkeys are running the zoo" comes to mind. As the BatBlog has said before it's time for sweeping changes on all levels (judicial, corrections and probation departments.) The system is broken it's time to fix it....

Monday, September 15, 2014

Another Watergate ??? Republican Operatives Hacking the BatPoll ???

  It appears that even though the BatBlog has a tight security system in place, we may have been hacked...The BatBlog IT director and Security has uncovered some inconsistencies in voting in the recently posted BatPoll. An inordinate amount of votes came in at around 12:00 AM Monday morning mostly in favor of the Republican candidates, and with the GOP having a history of covert operations, example Watergate, this looks like just another dirty trick.  I actually think a lot of the GOP candidates would have done very well on their own and this hacking just tarnishes the whole thing....but this poll thing was just done for fun so no big deal I'll just make my call by readjusting the totals and allow for the hacking...obviously someone with not much of a life , to spend time hacking a blog poll....

Sunday, September 14, 2014

The 2014 Election BatPoll

The highly accurate (over 90% correct) in the past BatPoll is up for the 2014 Election...Pass the word and be sure to vote for your favorite candidates, and stay tuned in to the award winning BatBlog for election and political coverage.....

Note*** for those who voted earlier there are some new races posted at the bottom of the list and may be some more added later on.....also if  I overlooked a race or you see a race you want posted just let us know....

Friday, September 12, 2014

The Jacobi Apartment Affair is it Really News Worthy ???

 The News/Tribune is reporting a Clark Co. jail inmate was removed from jail to help move a mattress and television from Judge Jerry Jacobi's rental property   CLICK HERE to be taken to a local halfway house. While this is probably a bad practice  to have inmates in this case a trustee doing favors for elected officials , it was a only two items and only took a short time to move them, and they were donated. The BatBlog will give Jacobi a pass on this one, according to Joe Renck who works for the probation office and supervised the inmate to assist him move the items, Jacobi was unaware the inmate was used and Renck did it as a personal favor for Jacobi.

If this was just an isolated incident and Mr. Renck is telling the complete truth about how it went down, this seems pretty much a non story. If there is more to the story and anyone knows about it please contact the BatBlog at In the past several people have informed the BatBlog of alleged misconduct and inconsistencies in the probation dept. and if this is a case of that here we would like to hear about it.

Nice try News/Tribune but not much of a story here, though you have to wonder why Jacobi hung up on the reporter who wanted to ask him for a comment on the story.

*** Note to the N/T if you really want a story, push Clark Co. prosecutor Steve Stewart for comments and an explanation on the recent murder case where the defendants bond was reduced allowing him to go free...and kill again...

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Why was This Man's Bond Reduced ??? We Need Answers

   A convicted killer Joseph Oberhansley was given a reduced bond allowing him to be set free and a local woman is dead apparently at his hands less than 2 months later. Oberhansley convicted of killing his girlfriend in Utah in 2000 has been charged with 2 violent  felonies here locally in the last 2 years. After the latest charge his bond was set at $25000 cash but for some unexplained reason was reduced  to $ 5000 which was posted less than two months ago and he was released.

 Deputy prosecutor Jeremy Mull said he wasn't aware that Oberhansley's bond had been reduced that someone else in the prosecutors office agreed to the reduction in Judge Joe Weber's court. Why would a man convicted of killing, and with two violent felonies pending here locally (one was strangulation) be allowed a reduced bond ???

The Clark Co. prosecutor's office has some big explaining to do as this appears to be another grievous incident of a lack of  institutional control and judgement in our justice system., by the prosecutorial and judicial departments  that is supposed to protect us citizens of Clark Co. There needs to be an immediate investigation and explanation why, who  and what steps were responsible for this terrible mistake and lack of good judgement that appears to have cost a woman her life.

Another sad day in Clark Co....We need answers now....

The WLKY news story and video below

Convicted killer charged with murder in Jeffersonville homicide | Local News - WLKY Home

The Fallacies/Lies of Hutt's Lawsuit

1. To label this as a "class action" lawsuit is an outright lie. This no way represents the consensus feelings of the public or the taxpayers of the city of Jeffersonville. The suit represents a personal vendetta of  Hutt and the other political enemies of Mayor Moore...period.

2. Hutt's comments "this is not about Mike Moore or myself, it is about following state statue and getting the best price for the land" Bull shit, another lie,  in the press release Hutt made a point of mentioning and calling out the mayor personally in his comments. It's all about him getting fired from the exact board he's suing(Redevelopment commission) and politics and everybody knows it but the Moore haters.

3. Hutt's remarks that Merkley's request for a 24 million dollar bond is a "scare tactic" ...another lie. This is a standard procedure and request in this type suit. This keeps any dumb ass like Hutt from filing a frivolous lawsuits and holding up million dollar projects. The amount might change but the bond should and will be put in place...then we will see how serious Hutt is, he can either  put up or shut up....

4. There is no end game in Hutt's suit, he ask's for the hotel "project to be ended" and asks for "appraisal of the 10 acres" "certification of the class and attorney fees". Well Hutt has already crowed the property is worth a 1/2 a million an acre... WHERE"S HIS APPRAISAL ???  he's the one saying what it's worth ,but in the same breath asking for an appraisal...There is no way in hell that land will appraise for $500,000 an acre this is Jeffersonville not Manhattan. You would think someone filing suit would come to the table with just a little bit of proof like an appraisal instead he comes up with HIS figures....The old adage comes to mind  "Figures don't lie, but liars figure."

5. Finally Jabba the Hutt is baiting city attorney Les Merkley over the internet on the CCC. Merkley asked for an impartial Supreme Court judge for the suit and as mentioned earlier asked for a 24 million dollar bond.  Hutt is muttering in public "why is he (Merkley) hiding behind a 24 million dollar bond"and not wanting a local judge. This shows how stupid Hutt is, this is common practice in these type lawsuits he's not hiding from anything...Hutt's trying to hold up a 24 million dollar investment on his frivolous and untrue claims which is exactly why these bond requirements are in place, to stop any swinging D--- from holding up progress with bogus lawsuits. As far as the judge what's Hutt afraid of  ??? he say's it's all about the law ...who better to decide the law than an impartial Supreme court judge with no political ties to this area in what is a obviously a politically motivated lawsuit.

 It's time for Jabba the Hutt to put up or STFU.....and quit crying over the internet...Put your big boy panties on and  man up....