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Friday, October 9, 2015

Gill vs. Fetz in Dist.5

 In the Dist. 5  Jeffersonville City council race incumbent Rep. Lisa Gill faces former councilman Keith (Crapper flapper ) Fetz. The BatBlog had hoped that Democrats would have put forth a stronger candidate than Fetz to face Gill.

  Gill as council president has shown very little leadership qualities in leading  this current council away from poor decisions (eliminating Jeff City court, 1 million spent on soccer field) and has been obstructive in supporting Mayor Moore's projects. On the other hand Gill reportedly is good at listening to her constituents concerns.

Fetz in our opinion doesn't have the temperament  or ability to be an effective councilman which he exhibited in his tenure on the council earlier. Easy to anger and his personal dislike of mayor Moore make him a poor choice for District 5 voters. Fetz has in the past published childish rants about the current mayor over the internet, including jabs at the mayor's personal life. Fetz's answer to his council's nearly trebling sewer rates was to tell citizens to install new toilet flappers in their toilets... so you can see what we are dealing with...

 Even with Gill's shortcomings she will most likely win, even though she is supported by NHBSM (Not Honest But Stupid Mike) Gill is the best choice in a poor field....

Monday, October 5, 2015

The BatBlog Endorses Kevin Vissing for Councilman Dist.3

 This was a tough call as the BatBlog likes to see young new faces involved in local politics. Callie Jahn the GOP candidate in Dist. 3  is just that a new,young, first time candidate. She seems like a fine intelligent young woman who would represent the 3rd Dist just fine.

  Her opponent  Kevin Vissing (D) current Co. council member has worked his butt off getting out meeting his constituents. The Batcave is in the 3rd Dist. and the BatBlog has seen KV several times traveling through neighborhoods meeting the people. Kevin is approachable and posts to the internet answering tough questions unlike very few candidates or office holders.

 Kevin has gained experience and has improved as office holder during his stint on the County council. The only concern the BatBlog has will KV be able to work with mayor Mike Moore if Moore is reelected...Experience, hard work and approachability give Kevin a slight edge over Ms. Jahn but it could be a close race as the 3rd Dist. went Republican in 2011...

The BatBlog endorsement goes to Kevin Vissing...

Friday, October 2, 2015

Dustin White for 1st District Jeffersonville City Council

The BatBlog gives  a big thumbs up and endorses the candidacy of local attorney Dustin White (D) for for Jeffersonville City Council 1st Dist. Jeff politics needs more intelligent, dedicated citizens like Dustin especially on the city council. The rumor confirmed by the BatBlog is that for some reason the local Dem. party leadership and factions within the party weren't especially happy with Dustin's primary victory and have encouraged the candidacy of independent candidate Brett Wilson.

  This is another stupid move by the poor leadership that plaques the local Dem. party. Dustin won the primary fairly and squarely over a fine group of candidates. Dustin is a loyal party member who will make an excellent council member and whatever the reason for the tepid support it is more of an indictment of of the inept decisions made by the Dem. party hierarchy which has brought Democrats to record lows recently.

  If you have a good candidate like Dustin the party needs to throw it's full support behind him as the BatBlog does. Dustin White should and will win the 1st dist. seat and the residents of his district will be well served with his victory....

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Just Four Years Ago

It was only four short years ago local self appointed political pundit NHBSM was telling the world of the greatest leader the City of Jeffersonville has ever seen in Mike Moore. We were told of the  growth, honesty and leadership the city was in for under Moore's leadership. Alas the love affair was short lived after Moore gave NH his walking papers for his short stint on the redevelopment commission. Now Moore according to NH (Not Honest) can do no right and Dennis Julius is the new savior. Only time will tell but just like previous mayors Galligan and Moore one wonders if Julius if elected will also fall victim to NH's vindictiveness if he isn't granted a position in City Government.

 This story can best be told in two songs "I Got You Babe" and  "Never Gonna Give You Up"...brought back to the BatBlog by popular demand  ...lets go back four years ago to CLICK HERE and CLICK HERE

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Jeffersonville City Council at Large...Election 2015

An interesting race is set up for the Jeff City Council at Large (3) positions this November. A diverse array of incumbents and newcomers with 3 of these men already sitting on the current council vying for the 3 at large positions. Two of the  current councilmen Steve Webb (R) current 6th Dist councilman and incumbent Nathan Samuel (D) get the endorsement of the BatBlog along with Democrat Ron Ellis.

 The BatBlog has been highly critical of the current city council but we feel Samuel and Webb are two of the more solid members though who we would like to see them exert more leadership qualities than just voting with the status quo. Ron Ellis will give the council some diversity that it needs...


The other incumbent Matt Owen(R) has shown little after his gimmicky candidacy and election 4 years ago and it's time for him to go. His main and maybe only contribution  in 4 years was the ridiculous idea to eliminate Jeffersonville city court . Most people see Owen as a lapdog for GOP chair and Clark Co. sheriff Jamey Noel and any idea to turn the chairmanship of the local Rep. party to Owen would be a foolish one....

 Name recognition which is so important in local politics could still get Owen elected and newcomer Josh Rodriquez is campaigning hard and could be in the mix. Steve Cooley (R) the final candidate will probably be a non factor. This could be close for the three slots, but the BatBlog feels Webb, Ellis  and Samuel are the best choices and will win but Owen on name alone will be in the mix...

Monday, September 28, 2015

Election 2015 ...Easiest Prediction...NO on the School Referendum

The easiest prediction on the upcoming election is that voters will reject handily the GCCS referendum to update area schools. The referendum if approved would raise local taxes approximately $60.00 per household.

 The BatBlog says there is NO way this referendum passes. Voters hate tax raises for what ever reason, plus the public has virtually no confidence in this school board or school administration to spend the money wisely. The whole initial plan of closing certain schools and the money spent to market the public for approval has doomed this referendum from the beginning. As well the true perception that tax money is never spent in a smart, efficient manner makes this plan a DEAD deal...

The BatBlog endorses a NO VOTE on the school referendum....

Sunday, September 27, 2015

The BatPoll is Up !!! Election 2015

The 2015 BatPoll for the Jeffersonville City elections is up. The highly accurate (over 90% accuracy rate) always interesting BatPoll is the leading indicator of  upcoming elections. Get the word out and tell your friends and neighbors and be sure to vote ...