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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Regional ??? Airport Needs Mo Money...

The BatBlog has touched on this subject a couple of times before, but it was back in the news this week that the Clark Co.Regional Airport is still pandering for more money.  Time is running out for the Airport Authority to secure the $750,000 needed from local governments to fund the airport's runway expansion project in coordination with federal funds.

 So far the only confirmed solid contribution was from the town of Clarksville for $100,000. The rest of the money needed is still in the talking stages with  municipalities like Jeffersonville who is being asked to give up  $400,000 as their share of the contributions. Clark Co, government has bantered around giving $200,000... IF ....other communities also contribute.

 The BatBlog has several problems with this whole scenario. First of all this is supposed to be a "Regional" Airport and Authority. Why is it only local municipalities (within 10 miles) being asked to pony up ALL the money??? if this is truly for the REGIONS  benefit ????  Secondly why such a big amount from Jeffersonville what about New Albany ??? aren't they in this region ???

 Finally why are local taxpayers on the hook for this ??? when you have River Ridge and the multiple companies residing there with the most to gain from the expansion. It seems to the BatBlog, River Ridge is the logical place to go begging and they should be the first asked and expected to contribute.

Jeffersonville has more pressing needs like a improved traffic infrastructure for one that needs to be
addressed now, before a dime is spent on this airport's wish list. Very few Clark Countians use this airport and a good case can be made that expansion isn't even necessary at this time.

Tom Galligan the president of the air board was never been a good steward of tax dollars. While mayor of Jeff, remember how he tried to cram his "Canal Project" down the taxpayers throats wasting money on engineering plans. He has the finesse of a sledge hammer and not the type you would want to try and sweet talk into municipal wallets

The BatBlog's advise to any local municipality where Galligan shows up at the door pandering for "Mo Money" is not answer the door or slam it in his face and say "The Bank is closed"

Friday, May 20, 2016

Dancin With the Stars (Clark Co. version) Episode 2

Everyone knows about the apparent feud between Jeffersonville City Clerk Vicki Conlin and former Jeff City court judge Ken Pierce. Many actually believe Conlin was the motivating factor behind the political hatchet job that eliminated the City court and Judge Pierce's position. None the less the couple is back together for this week's "Dancin with the Stars" and are the 2nd team to vie for the championship.... Conlin and Pierce have chosen a Swing number from the 50's ....Enjoy and be sure to vote...

Check out 'Swing' on

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Clark County Commissioner Dist.2 Candidate

Clark Co. Democrats as of yet have no candidate for the important Co. Commissioners race in November's general election. Certainly this important position won't go unfilled and uncontested. The Democratic caucus can fill this position and going from past experiences this just might be our candidate....Guess who ???  <<<CLICK HERE>>>

Monday, May 16, 2016

Rumor Central...Moore vs. Sellers

 The big rumor around Jeffersonville and Clark Co. and at this point
just a rumor. Is that coming off her resounding victory over incumbent Rick Stephenson in the Co. Commissioner election, Connie Sellers may be having an eye at the Jeffersonville mayor position held by Mike Moore. The race would be several years away as Moore just won reelection in 2015 and a lot of things could happen between now and then, but this would be a compelling race if it occurs.

 It is no rumor that there is no love lost between Moore and Sellers which would add more intrigue to this possible match up. Since both are Republicans any contest would have to be in a primary and who would the GOP leadership favor ??? It's no secret that the GOP turned their backs on incumbents Rick Stephenson and Kelly Khuri in the recently concluded primary where Khuri and Stephenson were defeated.

 You would think Sellers with her big recent big victory and the fact she could be the 1st woman mayor of Jeffersonville that it would be an attractive incentive in the future. Time will tell....

Thursday, May 12, 2016

The BatBlog Presents.... Clark Co. Dancin With The Stars

With Clark Co. politicians delving into the reality TV world, The BatBlog thought it would be cool to have our own version of Dancin with The Stars (Clark Co. version). Each week or so a pair of local politicians will perform a dance number and after all the performances have been  concluded you the viewers will decide the winners....This weeks entrants are Jeffersonville mayor Mike Moore (R) and Connie Sellers former Jeff City councilperson and GOP candidate for County Commissioner. They will perform a number from Grease...Enjoy and be sure to vote your favorite at the end...

We've Got Chills... They're Multiplyin.' Watch at!

Cast yourself and your sweetie as characters from the musical Grease to tell them they're the one that you want!

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Kelly and Kelley ... Local Libertarians Seek Offices

  Update...A BatBlog apology for omitting  Russell Brooksbank who will be the Libertarian candidate  for 9th dist. House of Representatives...

Kelly Khuri incumbent Clark County councilwoman has announced her intentions to switch from the local GOP to the Libertarian Party and will enter the C.C. coroners race this fall as a Libertarian. As well the local Libertarian's announced that their party chair Kelley Curran would run for a Clark Co. council at large seat in November that are currently held by Ms. Khuri and two Democrats Kevin Vissing and Joe Hubbard. Ms. Curran will face 3 Rep. and 3 Dem. in the fall election which includes the 2 Dem. incumbents for the 3 at large seats...

Kelly Khuri
Kelley Curran
The BatBlog applauds Kelly and Kelley for stepping
forward and giving local voters another choice in the general election. Both are capable individuals who we feel will champion the best interests of local taxpayers and voters. Particularly being conservative watchdogs with how our tax dollars are spent and not bowing to special interests and attempting to make sure the people are protected from wasteful spending and pet projects.

 While it is advantageous for voters to have several choices, Kelly and Kelley face a huge struggle ahead of them. The two party system is deeply entrenched and a powerful factor facing candidates other than Dem. or Rep. This power was never more evident in Ms. Khuri's recent primary reelection bid where the local GOP leadership turned their back on supporting her even though she had been an excellent public servant during her first term. The lack of support  from party bosses ultimately led to Ms. Khuri's defeat in the primary.

The only trepidation The BatBlog has is Ms. Khuri's choice to run for coroner it seems to us that she would be more suited to a Commissioner, council or some other executive type position. She will face an uphill battle against two well known funeral directors with strong family name recognition ties. None the less and while I personally have never voted for a Libertarian, I would have no problem voting for both of these intelligent, young women who I personally believe would be outstanding public servants as Ms. Khuri has already proven herself.

The BatBlog encourages all Clark Co. voters to give Kelly and Kelley a close look at their candidacies in this November's general election...

Monday, May 9, 2016

Noel, Maples on the Red Carpet at Barnstable Brown Derby Gala

Clark Co. sheriff  Jamey Noel and his trusty sidekick Scotty Maples enjoyed their celebrity status Friday night at the annual Barnstable - Brown Kentucky Derby party. The recent publicity from their reality series 60 Days In appears to have put stars Noel and Maples in the celebrity limelight along with many other reality stars, actors , musicians and other celebrities that attended the extravagant event.

Below is a video detailing the gift bag that every attendee to the annual Barnstable - Brown extravaganza received...and a good time was had by all...

NOTE*** HT of the "Award Winning" BatBlog wasn't invited to this year's event...

UPDATE... Looks like Matt (Lapdog) Owen was in attendance as well...