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Sunday, August 30, 2015

The Missing Minutes ???

The Jeffersonville - Clark Co. Blog has received  what is alleged to be the original minutes of the Sept. 1, 2011 Redevelopment meeting, where Walnut Ridge owned by Jeffersonville mayoral candidate Dennis Julius is awarded the contract for the controversial Hwy 62 median landscaping project. The BatBlog did not get this through an open records request, they were e-mailed to the BatBlog account and the BatBlog (see disclaimer below) does not verify or claim they are the originals...only that this version  exists. It will be interesting how this version  compares to the ones apparently found and supposedly available through open records requests.

  The "Missing Minutes" the Batblog received aren't clear whether Julius as a sitting member of the Redevelopment Commission abstained or voted for the awarded contract,(bottom page 2) though it does say the vote was unanimous... Readers can make their own determination and interpretation , and actually it may be a moot point because it seems in the BatBlog's opinion that by Julius merely being a member of the Redevelopment. Commission and receiving and obtaining the benefits of the contract he may have been in violation of Indiana law:

IC 36-7-14-10
IC 36-7-14-10
 Commissioners and nonvoting advisers; pecuniary interests in property and transactions Sec.10 (a) A redevelopment commissioner or a non voting appointed under section 6.1 of this chapter may not have a pecuniary interest in any contract, employment, purchase or sale made under this chapter. However, any property required for revelopment purposes in which a commissioner or non voting adviser has a pecuniary interest may be acquired, but only by gift or condemnation.

(b) A transaction made in violation of this section is void

BatBlog Disclaimer:
The BatBlog neither claims the below documents obtained from an anonymous source are original only that they exist. As well the BatBlog is only stating our opinions on the legal ramifications and interpretations of the statutes listed above. It is our intention to inform the public and apply our opinion so that taxpayers and voters  can make educated decisions moving forward .....Thank You.....


                                     JEFFERSONVILLE REDEVELOPMENT COMMISSION
                                                      SPECIAL MEETING MINUTES
                                                            SEPTEMBER 1, 2011

 The Jeffersonville Redevelopment Commission held a Special Meeting on September 1, 2011 at 5:30 PM in the Second Floor Conference Room, 500 Quartermaster Court, Jeffersonville, Indiana. The following were present:

James Lake, President
Derek Spence, Vice President
Dennis Julius, Secretary
Nathan Samuel

Mary Sue Ellenbrand, Secretary
David Lewis, Attorney
Andrea Stevens, Interim Director

Guests: Mike Hutt

Absent: Robert Stevens

CALL TO ORDER: Mr. Lake called the meeting to order at 5:30 PM.

CLAIMS: Ms. Stevens presented claims for $545,754.12 and $97,866.44 and property acquisition claims for $1,093,431.77. Mr. Spence made a motion to approve the claims. Mr. Julius seconded. Motion passed unanimously.


Ms. Stevens presented R-19-2011 which is a resolution that the Redevelopment Commission supports the city of Jeffersonville’s submittal of an application for grant funding to the Indiana Office of community and Rural Affairs to address the Big Four Bridge Landing Streetscape Project. The Redevelopment Commission commits the requisite local funds in the amount of $135,969.50 from the Falls Landing Tax Increment Financing District, as matching funds for the program. This commitment is contingent upon receipt of MSRP funding from the Indiana Office of community and Rural Affairs.


Mr. Samuel made a motion to approve R-19-2011. Mr. Julius seconded. Motion passed unanimously.


This resolution adopts a list of real property interest to be acquired and the prices to be offered to the owners of such parcels. Due to Mr. Lewis not having prior information on this resolution the resolution was tabled until the next meeting. The commissioners did agree that the offers in Exhibit C could be made. Mr. Samuel made a motion to allow Ms. Stevens authorization to make offers in Exhibit C. Mr. Julius seconded. Motion passed unanimously.


Ms. Stevens reported that the Fire Department will be dedicating a memorial on September 11, 2011. They are asking for $5,000 to landscape and finish the area. Mr. Spence made a motion to approve $5,000 for the Fire Department. Mr. Samuel seconded. Motion passed unanimously.


Ms. Stevens reported that the Jeffersonville Building Corporation needs to be reinstated. If this happens there will be fees involved. Ms. Stevens is asking the Redevelopment Commission to fund the fees when the reinstatement takes place. Mr. Lewis will investigate and report back at the next meeting.


Ms. Stevens presented the bid for the 10th Street Median Planting. Walnut Ridge was the only bid. The bid was for $419,601.15. Mr. Samuel made a motion to approve Walnut Ridge’s $419,601.15 bid for the 10th Street Median Planting and authorize the Department of Redevelopment to enter into the contract. Mr. Spence seconded. Motion passed unanimously.

ADJOURNMENT: Mr. Lake asked if there were any additional business. Mr. Julius made a motion to adjourn the meeting. The motion passed unanimously. The meeting was adjourned at 6:20 PM.

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Kevin Vissing Responds

Kelly Khuri asked Kevin Vissing (both Clark Co. councilpersons) about a plan he had discussed to satisfy both sides of the RDA issue in a post last week ...Kevin  kindly responded yesterday..

In reference to my last post. I discussed with a commissioner, how we could please the electorate on this RDA thing.

No illegal meetings 1 councilman, 1 commissioner. Totally legal to any paranoid voter out there.
Discussion about fixing RDA was knocked down by another commissioner.

If the commissioners don't appoint anyone to RDA , Scott Co. gets to pick all 5. That's not good. So stay tuned. If I find out anything new, I'll let (Colonel North, Nazi sympathizer), HT, Kelly and maybe one other poster, what I know. Thanks KV 

KV went on to add.....

No doubt Kelly does her homework. I've never heard anyone question that.

Finally Kevin added...
 I just read the evening news
It pretty much tells all there is to know about RDA.

Friday, August 28, 2015

The Missing Minutes

The BatBlog has discovered that the minutes from the Jeffersonville Redevelopment Meetings for the years 2010 and 2011 have mysteriously turned up missing. One has to wonder why and how important public documents could just suddenly just disappear from existence.

 Was this a political move to protect someone ??? What was on these missing minutes ??? Were they just misplaced ??? Were they ever posted to the City website if not Why ???

Interestingly enough local political pundit NHBSM seems to know a lot about them as he opined on the Clark County Chatter that :

 "The redevelopment minutes for 2010 and 2011, as far as I know, were never found. I know the minutes were taken, and voted on but it seem they were lost or shredded.

(Not Honest) Mike went on to say if any of the missing minutes were to show up it would be an "election year miracle"

Does NHBSM know more than he's letting on ??? Just a coincidence he mentioned "shredded" in his comments ???  Does he know exactly what happened to the minutes ??? Why would it be a miracle if they showed up ???

Well the BatBlog knows Democratic mayoral candidate Dennis Julius was on the Redevelopment Commission on the questioned years and NH has been a mouthpiece for the Julius campaign....More coincidences ???

 Also interestingly the years where the records strangely disappeared were the years when the commission discussed, took bids and ultimately awarded Walnut Ridge (owned by Julius) a nearly million dollar contract for installation and upkeep of the 10th St. median landscaping disaster.

 More questions arise.... did the minutes show Julius voted for the median landscaping project ???
did he abstain from the vote ??? Though it is unethical in our opinion and possibly illegal for a sitting member of the Commission to monetarily receive tax dollars for a contract rendered while he is on the commission. It would seem to  be even more unethical and illegal ??  if he was allowed to vote on said contract ....

There are lots of unanswered questions hopefully to be answered before election day. If these things did occur and the BatBlog is not accusing anyone merely asking the questions, this would be a serious breech of public trust and transparency....The BatBlog will continue to search and look for the answers to this and other issues and Remind everyone ....REMAIN VIGILANT MY FRIENDS....

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

More on RDA and a Question For Kevin Vissing

While it appears that the RCI (Regional Cities Initiative) is dead from lack of interest and serious questions about it's operation, another question has arisen. Clark Co. councilman Kevin Vissing has stated to the Jeffersonville - Clark Co. Blog .
"We may be coming up with a plan, that may satisfy both sides of this. It depends on how the state views it."

Fellow county councilperson Kelly Khuri has raised a question that is also intriguing to the BatBlog. Ms.Khuri asked :

"And Kevin just who is this "we"? Please do fill me in.

"Another "plan" ??
Well tell the citizens representative....ME all about this or is it another...hmmm how should I say ...oh I know , what Wendy Chesser calls "a secret," in the dark of night plan"

Ms. Khuri added :

"No more vagueness Kevin. It's time to REPRESENT the citizens NOT keep them in the dark.

To see Ms. Khuri's complete comments and KV's : ..CLICK HERE

It is not the BatBlog's intention to take sides but it appears Ms. Khuri has a legitimate question for Mr. Vissing. Why hasn't Ms. Khuri been involved in this "plan." The BatBlog is a big proponent of transparency and openness in government and hopes Mr. Vissing will be willing to share his/their plan with all of us.

Monday, August 24, 2015

No Democrats In Dist. 2 ???

   The BatBlog finds it curious that there were like 6 different Dem. candidates trying to caucus into the open Clark Co. council seat recently, yet nobody has stepped forward for the vacant  Democrat Dist.2 Jeffersonville City Council seat opening in the fall election.  Has this slot been opened to caucus ??? It's hard to believe there are no viable Dem. candidates in the whole district.

 The incumbent Dist.2 councilman  Rep. Ed "Moe Zastawny has served several terms but is by no means unbeatable. Especially after some questionable decisions made by the council in whole. It is no secret "Moe" Zastawny has an on going feud with Jeff mayor Mike Moore as does Dem. chairman Tom "Bulldozer" Galligan. Is there a conspiracy here ??? Is "Bulldozer" intentionally not caucusing a Dem. to run against "Moe" ??? If this is the case just one more reason Galligan needs to go as chairman of the local Democratic party, his leadership has taken Democrats to new lows and serious defeats at a much better organized and run Republican party here in Clark Co.

Thursday, August 20, 2015

A Tip of the Hat...

A BatBlog "Tip of the hat" to Riverfox, Cindiloohoo, Gabriella, Biker Dude, Jiyabird  Kelley (sorry if I left anyone out) from the Clark County Chatter who came to the aid of Trisha Roehm of Southern Indiana Animal Rescue in her battle with the  County over zoning and her animal rescue operation. The hoped for result hasn't been realized as yet ,but hopefully County Comm. Rick Stephenson can help and use his influence to swing the results around to keep SIAR in operation as in the past...

 Our less fortunate four legged friends need a caring ambassador and caretaker for their needs and Ms Roehm has provided for them for a long time unselfishly and with compassion here in Clark Co.. Here's wishing her good luck in her battle and thanks for the support by those mentioned above. It's great and heart warming story when people band together for a worthy cause...

If you would like to help go to 

From RiverFox

Monday, August 17, 2015

****************************************Breaking News***************************************
As predicted by the BatBlog the Jeffersonville City Council ignored public sentiment and their constituency by overwhelmingly overriding (8-1) mayor Mike Moore's veto of the  1 million dollar upgrade of the Woehrle soccer complex. Once again politics and special interest groups play a bigger influence on this council than the wants and needs of the general public who elected them. As this council has shown on a number of occasions they are inept and clueless in their decision making...