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Thursday, May 28, 2015

Look for More Obstruction....It's All About Politics

Once again mayor Mike Moore has a plan in the works to develop the main entry into Jeffersonville along the 10th St corridor. Yesterday's proposed development includes two retail centers, three restaurants and hotel. It appears to be an impressive proposal to enhance the major "Gateway" into the city that will bring tax dollars, jobs and improve the aesthetics of this important area.

 So let the political games and obstruction begin.....It's no secret that the Jeffersonville city council and the mayor pretty much despise each other. With this being an election year, this is a plum announcement by the mayor with the election being less than six months away. You can almost bet your last dollar head obstructionist Ed (Moe) Zastawny is "googling"(that's his way of doing research) "Keystone in an attempt to dig up some dirt on the proposal's developer. Already Moore's biggest critic NHBSM (Not Honest But Simple Mike) is dissing the chosen developer (Keystone) though he knows nothing about them.

  Hopefully the Moore administration has done their homework and crossed their T's and dotted their I's this time so as not to allow another frivolous lawsuit like the one filed last year. Not Honest Mike's lawsuit not only delayed a similar project but scared off the potential developer White Reach from
doing business with the city.

 The BatBlog predicts this hapless Jeffersonville city council will now go into their political stall mode to hold up this project as long as possible (remember where you heard it first). They will want no part of breaking ground anytime before election day to minimize Moore's re-election chances.

 The last project they (council) stalled over sewer problems, traffic thru restaurants and other petty issues...and look for more of the same on this project. This councils wants to feel important but they end up looking foolish and stupid like they have with wanting the new Jeff "Green team" manager to have a certification that only 37 people in the whole world have, ending Jeff city court and the ritzy glitzy, over priced soccer complex no one wants.

 Moore isn't without fault in this feud between him and the council, but he has shown a propensity to get things done with attractive projects ...Veteran's Pkwy., the riverfront and the east end are  thriving under Moore's leadership..... he has earned a second term,... especially when his opponent Dennis Julius has shown NO leadership capabilities during his term on the city council.

As for the new entry way project......Let the games Begin !!!

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

HT...The Only "Qualified" Candidate for "Green Team" Manager

It appears that the BatBlog's own HT (Hoosiertaxpayer) is the only "qualified candidate" for the newly formed Jeffersonville "Green Team" manager. The Jeff city council has been griping about the new manager hired by mayor Mike Moore as not having the certification for the position. Since there are no certified Horticulturist in Indiana or Kentucky and only 37 worldwide with the credentials the council says is necessary. HT has come forward with his certification to fill the position if needed.

 HT is a Master of Horticulture and has the certificate to prove it and years of experience in the field of horticulture. The only problem appears to be the difficulty HT might have working with the idiots  on the council ,none of whom are "certified" to be city council members....It should be interesting....

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Ed (Moe) Z's Certification Program Exposed

Ed "Moe" Z is big on certificates and certification
Congratulations and good job to Integrity Matters of the Clark County Chatter. She has exposed the certification program that Jeffersonville city councilman Ed (Moe) Zastawny wanted to use in the recent hiring of the City's "Green Team " manager. It appears that the organization Moe cited for "certification" is nothing more than a money grabbing scheme for what may or not be a group of supposed Horticulturists. Neither Indiana or Kentucky has anyone that has attained any of the 3 certifications the group offers. Probably because of the outrageous prices they charge to  be a member or take their certification test.

 The BatBlog believes the reason that only 37 people nationwide and one Saudi Arabian has achieved this certification is because the certificate and it's credibility isn't worth the paper it's written on. This is just another case of Ed. Z and his city council cronies trying to blow smoke up the taxpayer's asses and expecting us to buy into their stupid ideas and actions. Like the decision to eliminate Jeff city court and the soccer facility scam earlier this council has proven their poor ability to provide leadership with our tax they continue to play childish political games instead of working toward progress...Most likely the council's cry for certification was just another political jab at mayor Mike Moore's choice for the position...another case of political jealousy and counter productive behavior from an non productive city council...

Stay Vigilant My Friends...

Monday, May 25, 2015

We can never repay those who gave the ultimate so that we might enjoy the freedoms and pleasures of life . All we can do is remember and thank them for their ultimate sacrifice, even though it is not nearlyenough...

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Job Qualifications For City Workers

It's interesting that City Councilman Ed (Moe) Zastawny is pining on the Clark County Chatter about the lack of qualifications of the newly hired "Green Team" manager by mayor Mike Moore. It seems that Ed Z. (Moe) would like someone with a horticulture degree or certification to lead the newly formed "Green Team"... a qualification the new manager doesn't have.

 The BatBlog wonders just what qualifications an insurance salesman like Moe or for that matter any member of the current City Council has to manage and budget millions of dollars of tax dollars ??? The answer is NONE. The current council which consists of an insurance salesman, a former busboy, a fireman, a florist, etc, etc. has absolutely NO qualifications or experience managing a large financial budget like the duties are of a city council. It appears that Moe is being quite the hypocrite in complaining about the new manager's lack of qualifications because it appears that the new manager is just as qualified if not more for his job as Moe is for his.....

 As the BatBlog has pointed out before and it's unfortunate, but in politics the most qualified or best person for a particular office doesn't always win. The same is true in a vast majority of city workers where "who you know" is the major requisite for attaining a position. Over the years most police, fireman and city workers were hired through some connection to the people or party in power . This is not to diminish the job they may have done,  but most of the time more "qualified" people were overlooked. That's just the nature of the political beast.

 Let's be honest politics and elections at the city level are nothing more than a popularity contests. If you can kiss enough  asses  or blow smoke up enough people's ass you can be elected...Qualifications and experience mean nothing. So the next time Ed (Moe) Z. complains about someone's lack of qualifications for a particular city job he needs to think about the asses he kissed and the smoke he blew to get his job on the city council....and be thankful...

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Why The GCCS Referendum Will Fail....


 In November local voters will be presented with a referendum to update and supposedly improve the Greater Clark Co, School system. The referendum will ask for a tax increase of about $60 per household to fund this update. While the BatBlog feels most people would be more than willing to pay the $60 to improve education...this referendum is doomed to failure and rejection by Clark Co, voters. The rejection has nothing to do with the cost, though people do hate tax increases, it is about the lack of faith in the school administration and school board to do the right thing and spend the money wisely and efficiently. The GCCS administration has been somewhat secretive in releasing the complete study on the proposed changes  to the public... leading to a greater mistrust and lack of confidence in this proposal.

 The closing of neighborhood schools, consolidation and construction of new buildings are the contributing factors that make the general public leery and dubious of how this money earmarked for "improvement" will be well spent.

Whether it is nostalgia or just the close proximity the public loves their neighborhood schools,,,they feel a connection to these schools. On the other hand the school administration does not and the indifference puts a major roadblock up on any chance the referendum has of being passed by the voting public. The public and rightfully so feels the GCCS administration and school board is more concerned with high paying administrative jobs and studies than basic better education our young people.

 Keep the neighborhood schools open , spend money updating and improving existing facilities, show the concern about better education....than shuffling students around and relocating them to ritzy blitzy new schools. Maybe then you can restore confidence to the voting public that their tax dollars are well spent....but we doubt that will happen...


Sunday, May 17, 2015

Remember When continued.....

"There is a sad, moldering degeneracy on the riverfront of Jeffersonville"

Not a whole lot has changed that a young NHBSM with the beard ??? Must be a politician near by....