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Wednesday, March 22, 2017

The Russians are Coming...The Russians are Coming

Don't know where this alleged Russian/Trump connection is going but one has to wonder why The Donald never has anything bad to say about Putin. Trump at one time or another has attacked the Bush family, "Lyin" Ted Cruz and his wife, Mexicans, Muslims, U.S. District Federal judges, Obama, Merle Streep, the press, CNN, The Pope and of course "crooked" Hillary, but never even one bad word about Comrade Putin.

Bill O'Reilly on Fox News even pointed out to Donald that Putin was a "thug" and a "murderer." A tyrant that rules over the Russian people with threats and fear mongering and The Donald at one time said he admired Putin and his strength as a leader...

 Like I said I don't know where the Russian connection is leading to... but Trumps apparent "bromance"  with Putin and his refusal to say anything bad about a dictator and killer is interesting...

Build that wall !!! Build that wall !!!

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

The BatBlog is waiting on confirmation on a story and news we received this morning, Out of respect of those involved we will wait on confirmation before posting. 
Track Rat and another source have reported to The BatBlog that recently elected Clark Co. Chairman Josh Rodriquez has passed away...Shocking and sad news ...we wish Josh's family our deepest thought's and prayers...
The News/ Tribune has now released their story CLICK HERE TO READ

Monday, March 13, 2017

Trump Presidency ...Bimbos, Russians and Clowns

 The BatBlog has been holding off any criticism of The Donald's presidency until now. I was all for giving Trump a chance and actually like his spin on some of the issues he ran on.

 Our borders do need to be tightened, illegals that have committed crimes need to be deported and immigration laws upheld. Aliens also need to pay taxes like everyone else. I am against blanket deportation though, especially children who were born here and their parents, they should get some sort of amnesty so as not to break up families as long as they are law abiding.

Regulations on businesses do need to be eased, there are too many rules and restrictions limiting employers. We do need less trade restrictions, make trade equal and try and retain and bring back the better manufacturing jobs that have left this country.

Health care and the related costs are a mess ...always have been, always will be. Obama care was a disappointment though it brought insurance to those with pre existing conditions. Nobody can fix health care or keep costs from rising, it will continue to be a mess even after Obamacare is repealed and replaced.

While the Trump's presidency success still in it's infancy is yet to be determined, he appears to have surrounded himself with an inordinate amount of Russians, bimbos, and clowns. Kellyanne Conway typical blonde bimbo, Steve Bannon and Jeff Sessions both right out of central casting, examples of racist ex Klan members and Bannon is a slob as well and both clowns. Paul Manafort has strong ties to Russia and it's hard to tell how deep these Russian ties are going throughout the Trump administration. The "swamp" has been drained but look what it's been refilled with.

 On a positive note The BatBlog's stock portfolio is way up since Trump took over as investor's like Trump's business and trade ideas. There are concerning things attached to Trump and his presidency his penchant for stretching the truth and his war with the press...but the jury is out on the long term effect. If  The Donald can pull off success even though he's surrounded with Bimbo's, Russians , and Clowns ...more power to him....

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Tara's Garden 2017...This Saturday

Memorial Fundraising Party to be held

Everyone is invited to Tara's Garden 2017: Flower Power Party, an annual fundraising event held in memory of Tara Willenborg, on Sat., Mar. 11 from 4pm-8pm at St. Luke's United Church of Christ in downtown Jeffersonville.

Full Moon Martial Arts will present a women's self-defense demonstration at 4pm. A live auction hosted by Lincoln Crum will begin at 6pm. Birthday cake and other light refreshments will be served. A new, exclusive “Love Wins” decal designed by Victoria George will be given to attendees.

Proceeds will benefit Southern Indiana Animal Rescue, the Tara Willenborg Scholarship Fund which assists Clark County students with GED test fees and St. Luke's which hosts a memorial garden named for Tara. Admission is fee, but donations are accepted and encouraged. For more information, please contact Kelley Curran at 812-207-3416. If you're interested in donating an auction item, please contact Kelly Khuri at 502-296-4226

Nice N/T article on this event...CLICK HERE

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Update...Sewer Wars and "The Bully" Kevin Jong Baity

Kevin Jong Baily wants 1 1/2 million or flooding will occur.

Clarksville leader Kevin Jong Baity has given the city of Jeffersonville a little more time in his extortion attempt to relieve the City of Jeff of 1 1/2 million dollars to pay for a C'ville flooding project. CLICK HERE FOR STORY  Jong's original threat had a deadline of Mar.1 before Clarksville was to put in place a plan to flood downtown Jeffersonville in retaliation for not paying the 1 1/2 mil ransom. General and mayor Mike "Blood and Guts" Moore has refused to bow to Jong Bailey's threats and in the N/T article said ... "My dad always told me to stand up to bullies, so I guess that's about to happen,"

 As it now stands both leaders have drawn a line in the sand refusing to back down. The BatBlog believes that Jong Bailey was given an intelligence briefing that informed him that in retaliation Jeff and former Navy Seal HT were considering a counter attack operation to take out  Clarksville's historical landmark and culture and arts center Theatair X... if Jeff was attacked with flood waters.

 It appears depriving Clarksvillians of their main source of culture and entertainment would be too big a risk for Jong and he his in a quandary as to his next step forward to extort Jeffersonville; thereby the delay. The BatBlog advises all downtown residents to be on high alert as Jong Baity appears to be as unstable as his idol Kim Jung and flood waters coming from C'ville may be imminent.

 If attacked HT has informed mayor/general Moore that all he needs is the word and Theatair X is history. Top Secret counter measures include rerouting Jeff sewers directly into Theatair X and flooding it out is being seriously considered. The facility (Theatair X) is rumored to hold a hidden war bunker where Jong Baity and his town council will occupy if hostilities begin. HT has also informed Moore that if necessary one well placed bazooka round will reduce Theatair X and C'villes headquarters to rubble...

Stay alert and be prepared...war may be brewing....Semper Fi

Monday, March 6, 2017

Clark Co. Republican Chair...King Jamey I

The King and His Court
 The BatBlog has discussed the Democratic chairmanship here in Clark Co., now we turn to the GOP chair.
Current chairman and C.C. sheriff  Jamey Noel was quoted by  the N/T  "no one else seemed to have an interest in wanting to do it"  what this means nobody is stupid enough to challenge Noel's authority, power and success for the foreseeable future.

As former president George W. Bush said "power is intoxicating" and anyone that follows politics and politicians know that 99.9% of politicians want to take it to the next level... that's just the nature of the beast.  There are probably  plenty of local republicans that would love to have the power and status of GOP chair, but they know Noel is riding high right now and he has the Republican caucus in his hip pocket. It would be a very stupid on anyone's part for their political future to even thinking about opposing King Jamey.

Unless a serious chink develops in King Jamey's armor like losing the next sheriff's election or Noel moving to a state political appointment, the GOP chair is squarely in his hands. Rumored successors to the throne Matt (LapDog) Owen or Scottie Maples will have to wait in the wings, impatiently waiting for King Jamey to move on, abdicate or be dethroned . Keep in mind though loyalty and politics are pretentious at best and true loyalty only goes so far. If Noel would wobble as king only slightly look for the GOP buzzards to appear and start circling for his chair.
One misstep and the political buzzards appear

 Noel's rule over local Republicans and the job he has done as sheriff (even though 60 Days In was hokey at best) shouldn't be underestimated. Even before GOP's national dominance Noel had Clark Co. Republicans soaring to highs like never before seen in these parts. His leadership and the slates he has put together have dominated through the last several election cycles with no changes in sight. Noel's sheriff's  tenure has been clean of any controversy other than rumors of mild dissension in the Dept.

So if your a rank and file, devoted GOP voter you have to be happy with the reign of King Jamey and look forward to more of the same success at the ballot box. Even Democrats can't deny or not be impressed with his rise to power his success at elections and bringing former Dem.s into the Republican hold....That's why we hear "Long live the King !!!" from many Clark Co. Repulicans...

Saturday, March 4, 2017

Another Sad Day for Local Democrats

********************BREAKING NEWS*******************************

I King Bulldozer anoint ye Sir "GOP", Clark Co, Dem Chairman....Long live the King
  As predicted by The BatBlog , Josh "GOP" Rodriquez was anointed successor to Tom "Bulldozer" Galligan as Clark Co. Dem. chairman by the "in his pocket" Galligan precinct committeemen/ women and vice committee people.

 The same tired, old caucus of Gilligan Democrats out of touch with the rank and file voters have once again doomed  Democrats to obscurity in local elections for the foreseeable future. The BatBlog saw this coming but was hoping a come to your senses moment might hit the Democratic caucus after suffering embarrassing beat downs time after time in local political races.

  Moving forward Clark Co. Democrats now have Rodriquez who as little has 2 years ago was a  Republican leading them into the future. Jamey Noel and all GOP members must be having a "laughing their asses off " moment as the stumbling , bumbling opposition appoints one of their republican castoffs to be the party chairman.

We the rank and file Democrats continue to watch in amazement as Galligan caucuses take the once powerful and proud Democrat party into further oblivion knowing the light at the end of the tunnel is a on rushing GOP train ready to splatter us in future elections. Former deceased once powerful local Dem. leaders are spinning in their graves at the ineptitude and ignorance we have running their once proud party into the ground...

Yes "another sad day for local Democrats" !!!

"Remain Vigilant"