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Thursday, February 26, 2015

Contact Your Councilperson

I encourage everyone to contact their individual councilperson or contact them all about the waste of tax  dollars for the unneeded parking lot at the soccer complex to the tune of 3 million dollars. Also remind them how foolish their decision was to end the Jeffersonville City Court.

This is an arrogant bunch of pinheads and not sure it will do any good, but we are allowed to speak our minds. The only way we can make things change is to "Stay vigilant  my friends"

District 1
(812) 283-4341
District 2
(502) 639-8890
District 3
Charles (Tony) Wadsworth

(502) 939-6951
District 4
(502) 432-5883
District 5
Lisa Gill Council Vice-President
(812) 989-2055
District 6
Steve Webb

(502) 773-4496
(502) 889-0836
(502) 741-3795
Dennis Julius, Council President
(502) 639-2536

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Taxpayer Alert !!!.... Jeff City Council Soccer Team


We are all aware that for the most part the current Jeffersonville City council aren't the sharpest pencils in the box. They have made some very poor decisions lately, notably the abolishing of Jeff city court that has been in existence for over 50 years. Now they have embarked upon a foolish waste of OUR tax dollars by throwing away over 3 million dollars on an admittedly unneeded parking lot for the new soccer facility..

 This project has many unanswered questions posted earlier by Savile Row that for some reason the members of the council refuse to answer...Why ??? and what is the total taxpayer outlay for what is not a popular project with the public. In my excursions around town a big majority are dead set against this project especially the ??? millions that are being spent on it.

 The list is long on the reasons that make this project shaky economically and the need for it.

1. While soccer has grown it isn't as nearly popular as other sports (basketball, football, baseball ) and there are already many venues (churches , schools the YMCA) that have soccer fields and facilities. There are no indoor facilities but soccer is an outdoor sport and our climate only limits outdoor play at maximum 2 1/2 months. Plus there are tentative plans for similar facilities in both New Albany and Clarksville.

2. Location, location , location the location was a terrible choice, these are very poor roads that were not meant to handle heavy loads of traffic in and out of the complex. Holman Ln. one of the main arteries leading to the facility is already heavily over traveled. If the projects in New Albany and Clarksville come to fruition they will undoubtedly be more conveniently located and the better option....

3. What is the cost ??? the real total cost ?? How much to maintain, the utilities and labor involved to run this place ??? Just like the Canal no one is giving us the total costs because they don't want us the taxpayers to know.....

4. What percentage of the Jeffersonville taxpayers will really want to or be able to avail themselves of this facility ??? My guess is it will be very low... This complex is basically being set up for leagues and tournaments that very few local residents will participate in...There will be fees and it will be limited to league usage just like the softball facilities in Vissing Park that kids aren't allowed to use.

5. Why is a city government taking on private enterprise when as City Councilman and mayoral candidate and Parks board member  Dennis Julius said and I'm paraphrasing here that the current parks and  facilities are not being maintained like they should be, and any new project should be secondary to maintaining what we have....and yet he voted FOR the 3 mil parking lot...Does that make any sense ???

We need to wake up people this arrogant Jeffersonville City Council is getting ready to ram this thing through  and down our throats with out the support of the rank and file taxpayers. The citizens of Jeffersonville will be footing the bill for a plainly poorly thought out and waste of tax dollars. There are clearly dozens of things higher on the priority list of needs then an elitist soccer field only a handful of residents will avail themselves of....

While their arrogance will probably prevail I encourage everyone to contact their individual councilperson and tell them what a travesty this is for the citizens and taxpayers of Jeffersonville....

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Savile Row....Telling It Like It Is on the Clark County Chatter

  Anyone interested and all Jeffersonville residents should check out Savile Road's comments and insight on the Clark County Chatter  on the Jeffersonville thread "City Court abolished but 3 Mil spent on soccer fields". Savile Road points out and asks a lot of intelligent questions about the Jeff city council's decision to spend a whopping 3 million dollars on a parking lot for the new soccer complex.

 He points out about 17 solid questions that I'll post below that should be required reading for all Jeffersonville taxpayers about the new soccer complex.

A little about Savile Row ...he is a very intelligent well versed former office holder here in Jeff , well respected from a prominent Jeff family....I won't give his name but he is rumored to be local internet legend "The Hood" aka "The Hood Runs in a Pack". He used to be a regular contributor to the BatBlog but I think I pissed him off on comments about some of his local Democrat cronies but I wish he would come back.

  He knows a lot about government, law and Jeff political history. City Councilman Ed Zastawny commented in Savile Row's thread but backed off of answering the very pertinent questions that need answering. Keep up the good work Savile Row keep kicking their ass and you're always welcome on the "Award winning" BatBlog......and to Ed Z how about some answers...What are you afraid of ???

   Savile Row's Questions on the new Soccer Complex

Jeffersonville City Council Watch

The  "Spin and Spin" on this huge project is that it will generate "some"revenue.....?

1.) What is the total investment cost from all sources to be?
2.) What is the dubious Return on Investment (ROI)?,
3.) What is the risk of this folly?,
4.) Are there  special interests pushing this through?,
4.) What is the per acre cost of the tiny 11 acres parcel?,
5.) What is being taken off the tax rolls that will not be income producing
     in the future?,
6.) What is the sustainability cost for this elitist project?,
7.) What will be the attendant yearly costs to the taxpayers for road construction/maintenance,
     police, city employees, facility and venue maintenance, utilities, repairs, insurance, traffic, etc.?,
8.) Why is the government competing with private enterprises?,
9.) Why will this terrible location will see yet more questionable funding?,
10.) What is the likelihood that the revenue GUESSES  are accurate?,
11.) Will competition from Louisville venues, Clarksville, New Albany,
       other local private or public venues planned
       have long term negative consequences?,
12.) Other cities have been stuck with failing , pie-in-the-sky venues.,
13.) With the dire condition of county government,
       the projected additional costs of city government,
       the close to bankruptcy  of the hospital,
       the projected costs for the huge planned school construction,
       the costs of the courts and the jail, etc.,
       is it wise to gamble Jeffersonville's current rainy day buffer on this expensive roll-of-the-dice?
14.  Why are the other needs of the city being neglected?
15.  Why not utilize tax money more wisely for real economic and job creation efforts
        with much better leverage and a much better return?
16.) With the growth of the city, the cost of basic police and fire will sky rocket.
       Those basic services should be funded first.,
17.) What is the risk that this  this projected revenue will last?,
 Capital costs, bond issues, cost of yearly maintenance,
questionable returns on investment,
pie-in-the-sky projections,
diversion of funding and the neglect of other pressing and very expensive city concerns,
entering into competition with private venues ,
less buffer with depletion of  rainy day funds,
elitist project, lack of sensible prioritization of city tax expenditures,
built in problems,
poor site selection,  arrogance of public officials....

What's  not to like?

Where is the C-J and the N-T on  this grandiose scheme?

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Helping the Homeless ....When it Makes a Good Campaign Photo Opportunity

  As someone pointed out in comments on yesterday's post of how the two main Jeffersonville mayoral candidates (Moore and Julius) were falling over themselves in an attempt to see who could be more helpful to the homeless during this spell of inclement weather. Mayor Moore was seen with a camera conveniently there to photo him passing out blankets at a temporary shelter set up for the homeless in downtown Jeff.

  Not to be outdone Moore's main opponent Julius posted he was donating $2000.00 of his own money (which will later be reimbursed by the City Council) to the local homeless shelter the Haven House run by Barb Anderson who the BatBlog believes they saw sitting in the front row of the Julius campaign kickoff gala.

  Now it's great that during tough weather conditions that everyone is being generous so that everyone can at least stay warm. The BatBlog just wonders where these same two politicians were when the attempt to rezone the old JJ's video for a permanent downtown shelter for the homeless was taking place. Did they speak out in favor of the idea ??? Did Julius vote yes to rezone since he was a member of the zoning board (city council) ??? Did Moore as mayor push for what seems like a great idea ???

 I think you all know the answer to those questions. The rezoning wasn't approved and I can't remember one single politician who spoke out in favor for the zoning change or the project itself. The project died and the building remains abandoned.

  The genuine and sincere advocates of homelessness like Paul from Exit0, the volunteers at the food kitchen, the homeless task force and the people on the Clark County Chatter that volunteer their own time to provide a meal each month are to be commended for their work. They donate their time without the benefit of cameras or trying to impress anyone...They do it from the heart, our politician's do it looking for a vote....For the homeless take advantage of the generosity of politicians because the election cycle has just began  but after the election you're back on your own except for those who do it from the heart and not the camera....
Julius paying on the Haven House sewer fund...just happened to be a camera in the office

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Great Job Jeffersonville St. Dept.......But.......

Hats off to the Jeffersonville Street Dept. for the excellent job of clearing area streets after yesterday's storm. The Jeff streets were heads above all other local municipalities in their snow removal and road preparation. But.......Mayor Moore don't tell us not to use OUR roads as you did in your "travel restriction" yesterday.
No driving in the snow

<rant on>
Number 1. you overreacted the snow accumulation and travel conditions that weren't that bad.
Number 2. it's not your position to tell us taxpayers if and when we can use the roads that we pay for and maintain. Unless there is a bigger emergency than 5" of snow.

 Just as the media blows these snow events out of proportion so do local politicians. I guess looking for publicity they call these big meetings and issue these "restrictions" making big to-dos about nothing. Hell this wasn't even enough snow to call off school when I was a kid.

 We are adults and if we choose to drive in the snow, that's our business not the City's. The City's only concern should be to clear the snow as best as possible and provide emergency services for the sick and elderly who can't traverse the snow. That's what four wheel drive is for and I had my truck out taking my grand kids sledding and be damned to any "travel restriction" which the City can stick up their ASS... <rant off>

 If the city wanted to really about opening a homeless shelter and provide meals downtown where it's needed during these extreme conditions...

Sunday, February 15, 2015

The Perfect Political Storm ...The End of Jeffersonville City I Team Report

Judge Ken Pierce
   There is a lot of unanswered questions floating around town as to why Jeffersonville City Court was abolished recently by the Jeff City Council. The BatBlog  (Investigation)  I Team has put together a report that has uncovered what was the "Perfect Political" storm that led to the abolishing of a well respected court that has served this community efficiently and honorably for over 50 years. This is the real truth not the lies you will get from the liars on the City council and their various mouthpieces around town like NHBSM (Not Honest Mike).

   Judge Ken Pierce appears to have been caught up in a political vendetta that included  members and officials of both the Dem. and Rep. parties working together to make sure Judge Pierce's court was kicked to the curb. Involved in this include the City clerk's office, prosecutor's office, city council and the Indiana state police with varying degrees of culpability.

  The beginning of the end to Judge Pierce's court seems to begin with the public feud between Judge Pierce and City clerk Vicki Conlin over record keeping issues involved with the court. The dispute, ugly at times, pitted Conlin a long time fixture in Dem. politics against a relative newcomer in judge Ken Pierce. Conlin's long term friendships and the relationships with several officials of both parties certainly was a key factor in the ultimate demise of Pierce and the court.

Her feud started the ball rolling
  Equally pretentious and compelling but not completely understood is the apparent feud between Pierce and his relationship with the Indiana state police. Whether it was an unfavorable ruling or a political grudge from ISP members and leadership or both. The ISP did everything in their power to avoid judge Pierce's court when  possible and targeted him on numerous times with traffic stops almost to the point of stalking him

 It remains unclear whether newly elected sheriff and former ISP officer orchestrated the ISP involvement as a favor to his sister Lisa Gill (city council person). Who along with another GOP councilperson Connie Sellers are friends with Conlin. It does seem strange that Noel's lapdog Matt Owen is the the councilman who first introduced the ordinance to do away with Pierce's City court that was ultimately passed unanimously by the council.

  What is equally strange and unanswered is why Democratic council president  Dennis Julius and fellow Dem. Nathan Samuel didn't have the backbone to stand up for fellow Dem. judge Pierce even after a large majority of the legal profession (attorneys and judges) stood up in defense of Judge Pierce and retaining the City court. Who else  is better to decide and judge the merits of keeping City Court than those who avail themselves of it on a daily basis...the legal community...
Jamey Noel's lapdog

The one thing the BatBlog has determined is that the people of Jeffersonville have been lied to by the City Council that crowed it was a fiscal decision. Courts are not about making money, no courts are financially independent of tax dollars. The reduced caseload of City court could have and should have been remedied by all the parties involved getting together and working together to bring the caseload up to previous levels.

 The prosecutor's office, the city council, the ISP and Conlin and judge Pierce should have worked out a solution agreeable to all parties. Instead the cowardly game of politics once again reared it's ugly head and trumped common sense , and we the taxpayers were lied to and fleeced into paying ultimately higher costs that will result from this action. Another sad day and action by our supposed political vendettas are apparently more important than providing  leadership that sadly we don't have much of here locally....

Monday, February 9, 2015

The 3 Million Dollar Parking Lot Justified.... Moe Speaks Out ....

Well we got the explanation for the 3 million dollar parking lot as Ed Z.  the head stooge (Moe) of the Jeffersonville city council has spoken out. Also the reasoning behind the elimination of the Jeff City Court was spelled out by Moe.

  Seems like Moe and the other stooges don't like Jeffersonville taxpayers paying for City court, Quote from Moe   " The City Court was abolished because the tax payers of Jeffersonville were paying for a county wide court. The cost of this court should and will paid for by the county as a whole." 

  Funny thing is Moe , you say our taxpayers aren't paying for a "county wide court" yet you're telling the Jeffersonville taxpayers they will pay for a "county wide" soccer facility and a 3 mil parking lot....very hypocritical of you Moe....We all know that the elimination of the Jeff City court was a political witch hunt Moe...Why do you lie about it ??? The BatBlog has all the details later this week...which will prove you wrong...

 You can see what we're up against folks a hypocritical idiot who in the same paragraph says we're not paying for a "county wide" court but will pay for a "county wide" soccer facility and a parking lot to the tune of 3 million dollars.  Eliminating a well respected court that has serviced the community proudly and efficiently for many years. It's time to eliminate the idiots who made this decision and others that hold this community back...