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Monday, October 20, 2014

The BatBlog Endorses Perry McCall for Clark Co. Auditor

The BatBlog feels there needs to be a shakeup in the Clark Co. Auditor's office. Local attorney and political newcomer Perry McCall (D) faces a tough challenge facing incumbent Monty Snelling (R). Snelling was part of the Co. Council that put the county in deep financial problems and we didn't feel like he handled a threatened lawsuit against the City of Jeffersonville professionally. Never the less Snelling being the incumbent probably has an edge on Mc Call...but the BatBlog feels Mr. Mc Call's background and experience as an attorney makes him a good choice for Auditor and endorses and supports his candidacy.

To see Mr. McCall's ideas, qualifications and why he's the best man for the job CLICK HERE

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Which Is It Jamey ??? Noel Changes His Answer....

Seems like Rep. sheriff candidate Jamey Noel forgot about his announcement of his candidacy or at least where he made it. Reversing course Noel told the News/Tribune that actually there were political events held at the New Chapel EMS/GOP headquarters in 2013 including his announcement he was running for Clark Co. sheriff. This is contrary to what he told the N/T earlier. Anything else you forget Mr. Noel ??? or should we ask your attorney ???

 Possibly just a oversight but the famous words seem to apply here "Initially it appears not to pass the smell test"...We agree....

Friday, October 17, 2014

Mac Spainhour Campaign Funding Charges

  ******************************** *******BREAKING UPDATE************************
Mr. Spainhour went to the voter registration office today and made sure his paperwork was in order. He will have the paperwork in hand at the next election board meeting next Thursday. The Secretary of State office seemed confident that Mr. Spainhour was now in compliance. This appears to be a case of an over anxious reporter seeking a sensational story  that he couldn't wait on to report. It also seems to be a case of typical political BS. The News/Tribune owes Mac Spainhour a story that Mac is apparently in the clear...
It would be hypocritical of the BatBlog (even though we support Mac) if we didn't report the Mac Spainhour alleged campaign financing violations reported in yesterday's N/T. These are serious accusations not to be taken lightly, but on the same behalf it appears to be an oversight or an instance of not knowing the finance laws. The laws for campaign financing are complicated and confusing, but that is not making an excuse for Mac. The stand up guy Mac is, he'll face up to it and accept responsibility if the mistakes were made. The timing and who reported the violation is suspicious, but that's another story....The BatBlog continues it's strong support for Mac Spainhour for Clark Co. sheriff...

For the N/T story CLICK HERE

For Mac's personal response to the accusations CLICK HERE

Thursday, October 16, 2014

HT Ready for The New Jeffersonville Marina

UPDATE...Jeffersonville Marina to Become Reality

The final permits have been approved by the Army Corps of Engineers and mayor Mike Moore says he has the votes necessary for approval by the city council, This will fit in nicely with the Big Four Bridge, new park landing and upsurge in downtown. Now they need to get busy and work on phase II, which will include a public fishing pier an unique idea...... A story you'll see only on WDRB and the BatBlog..... WDRB 41 Louisville News

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

County Councilmen That Deserve Re-Election...

There are four Clark Co. council (men/women) up for re-election Nov.4  and the BatBlog concludes each is deserving of re-election. Barbara Hollis(D) Dist.1 and Brian Lenfert (R) Dist.2 should both be easy winners in their respective races against Shawn Billups (R) in Dist.1  and Lenfert will face off against Kelly Conn(D) in Dist.2. Both Barbara and Brian have shown exceptional leadership as president and vice president of the Co. council that has faced trying times with their limited budget.

 In the other 2 races in Dist.3 incumbent Danny Yost (R) faces off against Joe Hubbard (D) this is probably the best chance for the incumbent to lose, Yost got some negative publicity with some legal issues earlier and faces a stiff test from Hubbard. In Dist.4 incumbent Steve Doherty (R) faces former councilman looking to regain his old seat, Perry (I never met a tax I didn't like) Smith (D). Smith who has won several terms before could give Doherty a good race.

None the less the BatBlog endorses all the incumbent Clark Co.councilpersons Hollis, Lenfert, Yost and Doherty for re-election....Be Sure To Vote !!!

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Unfortunate Circumstances Derail Meyer's Sheriff Bid ???

It appears that due to some unfortunate circumstances, none being of his making Dem. sheriff candidate and current acting sheriff Brian Meyer may face a tough road to being elected this November. Mr. Meyer who has worked his way all the way to the top from humble beginnings probably won't get his fair due or consideration. Mainly because several his cohorts at the Clark Co. sheriff's have been arrested and charged with felonies, Meyer will most likely be odd man out as the sheriff's race moves forward.

   Mr Meyer seem like a fine man and certainly has the credentials and experience to be sheriff, but most likely won't have the opportunity to do so. Former sheriff Danny Rodden's sad downfall and disgrace along with Chuck Adams' alleged offer of employment to a supporter and the  plea bargained deal recently that reduced Adams' felony charges , along with other arrests within the sheriff's dept. have certainly seriously hurt Meyer's chances of winning. Plus you have an Independant candidate (Mac Spainhour) who more than likely will split the Democratic vote.

The BatBlog endorses Mac Spainhour and feels that it is time for change within the C.C. sheriff's dept. but also feels Brian Meyer didn't get a fair shake on his own merits. Politics are funny that way .... John McCain probably lost the presidency because of George W. Bush and Sarah Palin....Brian Meyer can thank Rodden, Adams and company...