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Saturday, April 25, 2015

Asshole of the Month ....Oldgoat of the CCC

 A little break from politics today to award Oldgoat of the Clark County Chatter the BatBlog "Asshole of the Month" award. It's hard to believe this insensitive bastard is a former police officer (or so he says anyway.) Oldgoat believes we need to lock up or "institutionalize" every addict.  In his own words "no way society should have to put up with them."

  Gee Oldgoat any suggestion of where the money comes from to build these tens to hundred thousands of institutions to lock up and "institutionalize" to protect our society from these "addicts."
And which addicts should we include ??? hard drugs, marijuana, pain pills, alcohol, gambling,  caffeine ??? Better make that about a million new institutions if you include every addiction listed above or is some addiction OK with you.???..Or maybe we could just "institutionalize" insensitive assholes like you to protect you from those evil addicts.

 If your really ex law enforcement Oldgoat you should know that U.S. law enforcement, has already been locking up  addicts and casual drug users for years in the so called "war on drugs." Guess what Oldgoat it doesn't work. Our jails and court system are filled with addicts,users and dealers and the problem is still growing.

 Addiction is  complicated, the dynamics of who and why will become addicted is unknown, and let's face it almost everyone in someway is addicted to something or some kind of behavior. That's unless of course you are one of those holier than thou individuals/ assholes like Oldgoat.

Congratulations to Oldgoat your insensitive rant hasn't gone unnoticed it has earned you the BatBlog's "Asshole of the Month" award.  Oldgoat along with NHBSM, Krueger and Quasar are four examples that anyone can use a computer....but should keep their  thoughts to themselves so as to not look like a dumbass....

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Jeffersonville City Clerk ....Democratic Primary Election 2015

More than likely it won't happen but it is time to retire Jeffersonville City Clerk Vicki Conlin. It has nothing to do with the job she has done, as over the years as she has a mostly stellar work record. The only reason the BatBlog feels it is time for her to go is the lowdown reported to us is that her feud with former City Court judge Ken Pierce ultimately led to political strings being pulled that led to the abolishing the court by the Jeff city council...

 We won't get into the why's and wherefore's or who was right or wrong in the feud between Conlin and Pierce over record keeping, but if Conlin maneuvered behind the scenes to oust Pierce and the court as we are led to believe, then this is a egregious betrayal  of local voters and taxpayers and fellow Democrats. There is no reason two adults  office holders of the same party couldn't work out their differences for the common good of local residents.

 We expect these childish political stunts from the current city council but are shocked by Conlin's apparent alleged participation which has led to an unnecessary burden put on the county courts and fiscal burden thrown onto Clark Co., which ultimately could lead to higher taxes for area taxpayers. Backroom political games shouldn't be tolerated because basically all it does is cost us money and progress.

 Conlin's opponent former fire fighter and city councilman Denny Frantz is a competent replacement for Ms. Conlin, but her name recognition and many years of service will make her difficult to beat. Nevertheless the BatBlog feels it is time for a change in the City Clerk's office and endorse Denny Frantz for the position...

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Mike Moore Another Stupid Move....Will He Ever Learn ???

 Jeffersonville mayor Mike Moore has nobody but himself to blame if he blows his chance for re-election. At last night's Lincoln Day dinner Moore used the speaking opportunity to continue his tirade against the Jeff city council, berating them publicly for their non cooperation with him during his first term in office. In the process Moore made the republican crowd feel uncomfortable and the tension could be felt  through out the room.

 Stupid move mayor !!! These kind of affairs are for positive input and supporting the party and this years candidates. Most everyone that follows local politics is aware of your continuing feud with the council many of which are your fellow republicans. Most everyone also knows this council has made stupid moves of their own and plays political games ....but this wasn't the time or place to beat everyone over the head with your tirade.

 A little advice mayor.....STFU !!!...most people take your side right now in your battles and issues with the city council, but people don't like negative and dirty campaigning. Talk of your accomplishments and ideas moving forward, leave the negative shit and name calling out of it.

Moore must have a short memory it was only about four years ago he jumped the Democrat ship for the GOP. There are a lot of Republicans who have never totally embraced him because he did jump parties....To berate fellow party members at a party function is just totally STUPID and uncalled for...If he keeps shooting himself in the foot with moves like this ... Moore will be back flipping hamburgers for idiots like NHBSM and Krueger...

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Election 2015 ...Jeff City Council 1st District

With all the negative publicity and stories about Jeffersonville
politics and politicians (Rodden, Jacobi, Perkins etc.), the 1st Dist. Jeffersonville City Council race provides us with a truly feel good story and one of the truly nice, genuine people on the local political scene.

  Democratic candidate and former G.C.C. board member Becka Christiansen who owns a florist shop in downtown Jeff is the kind of honest, hardworking people that we need more of running for office. Becka served one term with distinction  on the school board before being beaten by Teresa (Fingers) Perkins and will make a great councilperson. Becka will vote from the heart and what she feels is right and not let politics influence her decisions, just as she did on the school board.

 Becka will face "Toxic" John Perkins and two others in the Dem. primary. Even though Perkins doesn't even reside in the 1st district he will be on the ballot due to a technicality, and appears to be Becka's main competition.. The choice is clear for 1st district voters, for everything that is right about politics Becka or everything that is wrong "Toxic" John...The BatBlog strongly supports Becka and predicts she will win the Dem. nomination for 1st Dist, city council...and will be a vast improvement over Mike (Mr. Green Jeans) Smith the current councilman....

Good luck and Vote for Becka

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Election 2015...The Jeffersonville - Clark Co. Blog ..The Place To Be

 Will "Toxic" John Perkins finally win another election ???  Will the mayoral race this fall be as close as it appears ??  How many Jeffersonville City Councilmen can we rid ourselves of ???  These and more questions , analysis and polls are here on the place to be for coverage of Election 2015...the Jeffersonville - Clark Co. Blog aka The BatBlog.

 In the next couple of weeks we will try and sort out the individual races, with recommendations , predictions and endorsements of  the various candidates. Also looking forward to your comments and thoughts on the Jeffersonville city elections with primaries just around the corner and the general election in the fall...

 So tell your friends, relatives and coworkers of the BatBlog for the best stories and analysis of Election 2015  and as always "Stay Vigilant"....

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Rodden Gets a Sweetheart Deal...

   Looks like former Clark Co. sheriff  Danny (Hot Lips) Rodden will get off pretty easy for his rendezvous with a prostitute then lying to the feds about it. Thanks to a plea deal brokered in federal court Rodden will likely receive no jail time and a very small fine.

  The BatBlog really has no problem with this apparent "sweetheart" deal, as dallying with a prostitute is pretty minor in the grand scheme of things. Lying to the feds is another matter though and we wonder if the average Joe would have gotten the same deal for multiple cases of lying like Rodden did. The embarrassment and shame Rodden brought to his family is the real tragedy of this whole sordid affair, and any good Rodden may have accomplished during his term as sheriff will be overshadowed and his legacy will always be remembered for the shame he brought on himself, family and the people of Clark Co.

 The BatBlog also says "bullshit" to friends and supporters who claim "entrapment." Rodden knew damn well she was a prostitute, he was a sheriff and all his actions were illegal and he wasn't even man enough to admit it when confronted by investigators. Entrapment my ass...We wonder how many people Rodden arrested during his career got harsher penalties for lessor crimes than those committed by our ex -sheriff....and if this was an isolated incident and he's only sorry he got caught ???

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

The Political Sign Race...Election Time is Here

If the amount of political signs are any indication the Jeffersonville mayor's race may be a close one in the fall. Mike Moore (R) seemed to have an early lead but a lot of Julius signs have gone up recently and they appear about evenly distributed at this point.

  Of course you can't always go by the volume of signs to determine who's ahead in the races. Last year Jerry Jacobi and "Toxic" John Perkins had by far the greatest amount of signs and yet both lost convincingly in their respective races. Ole John is back at it again and has a respectful amount of campaign signs in the downtown Dist. 1 area as does his main opponent Becka Christiansen.

 In other races Josh Rodriquez seems to have a big edge in city council at large signs with a good number scattered across town, some pricey with pictures of himself signs. I actually have seen a rare Lewis Hancock (D) for mayor sign (Julius' opponent in the Dem. primary.)  Hancock and Moore's opponent William Meiners (R) may be running some of the lowest profile races in recent memory as I have yet to see a Meiner's sign.

 Note about William Meiners...he would make a great mayor...I attended school with him and he is a honorable, well educated and successful man. A non political type, with lots of common sense and professionalism which is what this city needs. Unfortunately being well educated, honorable and professional doesn't get you elected around's more about how many asses you can kiss without being too obvious about it....but that's politics and that's how we elect them....So let the games and ass kissing begin ...Election time is upon us

*** Note*** Signs are from HT's unsuccessful 2011 mayoral bid....