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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Welcome New Visitors and Voters !!!

  Welcome to the Jeffersonville / Clark Co. Blog ...The BatBlog . There has been a significant amount of new visitors in the last couple of weeks in part because of the voting on the BatPoll. Just want to welcome those checking out the place to be for the latest, inside information and news with a focus on Jeffersonville and Clark Co. politics, government and elections.

   While the main writer of the BatBlog "Hoosiertaxpayer" is a lifelong Democrat there is no favoritism shown here ....the BatBlog tells it like it is with no holds barred discussions on the issues, controversies, and stories of the day. No sugar coating when there is wrongdoing, mismanagement or abuse by our government officials,  we look to get to the bottom of every story, no matter what party or office is involved...with cutting edge commentary and editorials.

  We also urge you to participate with your comments and tips on possible stories drop us an email at or leave a comment in the comments area. If you don't want your comment published just put  "do not publish" behind your comment. Anonymity is promised if you don't want to reveal who you are no problem.... See something wrong drop us a line we will check it out , we have sources but are always looking for more... Finally  "stay vigilant my friends" it is up to us to get to the bottom of any wrong doing in local politics and make it public alert and we can end some of the BS that has gone on in the past here locally....The BatBlog is can you...

*** Note *** If you are using the mobile version of the BatBlog you must go to the bottom of the page and click on FULL  WEB VERSION then the polls will show up on the right...

Coming tomorrow the BatBlog's look at the Clark Co. sheriff's race with analysis, predictions and the BatBlog's endorsement....

Monday, September 29, 2014

The BatBlog Asshole of The Month

  Congratulations to former Jeffersonville mayor and now Clark Co. Airport Authority president Tom Galligan for being the BatBlog's "Asshole of the Month." Galligan in his own special way disparaged local engineering firm Jacobi, Toombs and Lantz in a meeting of airport authority members. Threatening to quit his position (like a 3 year old) if the firm continued to do engineering work for the airport authority. Once again in his bull in a china shop way Galligam has made an ass of himself.

 The firm of Jacobi, Toombs and Lantz has an excellent reputation in doing engineering work for the last 30 odd years here locally, having done many fine projects for local government. It appears "Crybaby Tom" didn't get his way and threw one of his infamous tantrums and vented out on the local firm and in the process disparaged a local business and workers with a well respected reputation.

  We get it Tom your are my way or the highway jerk, but how about manning up and if you have a problem with someone's work , speak to them privately and maybe the problem can be resolved in a manly fashion. Instead as always you took the coward's route  and publicly tried to ruin their good name.... The thing is people see through your bullying tactics and have no respect for you are your opinions....The Clark Co. Airport will be nothing more than what it is a rinky dink, unprofessional operation with you at the helm. When you threatened to walk out the other members's showed how spineless they are...the should have told you good bye and don't let the door hit you in the ass...Instead they cowered to your childish demands.

 You did manage to join your cohort NHBSM as a chartered member of the BatBlog's "Asshole of the Month" club once again Congratulations !!!

Saturday, September 27, 2014

The Sad, Shamed Legacy of Local Politicians

This might be the year where we see the final appearances publicly and on the ballot of some of our former prominent local politicians. Unfortunately they are leaving a sad , shamed legacy on their names and local politics in general. Two of them Sheriff Danny Rodden and GCC schoolboard memberTeresa Perkins have been arrested and charged with serious crimes. Recently defeated  Judge Jerry Jacobi while not charged with a crime (by law he has immunity) had his drug court operation shut down by state officials for allegedly violating the rights of several drug court participants, who have filed a class action suit against Clark Co. in federal court. Finally we have John Perkins  who will leave the legacy of being reviled by voters almost without exception, but still managing to someway finagle his way into important  positions of which he had no way of being elected to....

The BatBlog isn't sure what's more embarrassing to Clark Co. the actions and the shame of those mentioned above or the fact we keep electing or appointing candidates that put us in these embarrassing situations. What is the real shame is the lasting legacy to their own and family's names,  No matter the legal endings Rodden will always be remembered as the sheriff who allegedly cavorted with a prostitute giving her special privileges and lying to federal authorities. T. Perkins will be remembered for allegedly stealing jewelry, Jacobi for running a program that allegedly denying people their most basic of rights ...due process and John Perkins of being
a perennial loser...

   Whether it is a  sense of entitlement or whatever possessed these politicians to do what they did, we need to make sure we take this into consideration as we move forward. Being careful that we elect candidates without the sense of entitlement , or feeling of being above the law, because in a sense it  sadly someway reflects back on all of us ....

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Election 2014 - Jeffersonville Township Advisory Board

     Today the BatBlog begins a series on the upcoming November election, we will highlight the individual races with commentary, predictions and recommendations.

While the Jeffersonville Township Advisory Board is a little known position it is very important. The trustees office has a strong influence in addressing poverty in the community among other responsibilities. Public policy and poverty  has been a special area of concern and study. The advisory board approves the trustees budget and advises the office.

Three members will be elected, the Democrats running are Shirley Bell, Michael "Mick"  Castleberry and Phil Ellis on the Republican side the candidates are Tony Singelton, Scottie Maples and Jamie Hudgins. Also on the ballot is Libertarian candidate Kelley Curran.

The Batblog highly regards Kelley Curran as the most qualified and capable candidate for this position, she currently serves on the board of directors of the Jeff Urban Enterprise Association and  a Homeless Task Force member that advises the city of Jeffersonville on the needs and treatment of the homeless population. Ms Curran along with Dem.s Phil Ellis and Mick Castleberry get the nod of approval for this important position....Be sure to check out this race on the ballot and be sure to vote....

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Congratulations For Working Together !!!

Congratulations are in order for Jeff mayor Mike Moore and city councilman Ed Z. (Zastawny) for putting their collective heads together and coming up with a revision in the proposed riverfront marina project. Moore and Ed Z. came up with a plan that eliminated some of the proposed permanent docks in favor of transient docks and adding a fishing pier, as well as other cosmetic changes to the area. This collective cooperation is refreshing and an example how working together is possible and a necessary function of the different  elements of government. The fishing pier something the BatBlog has deemed as essential to the project is going to be a great asset to the Jeffersonville riverfront...

  Let's hope this cooperation and working together isn't an isolated incident and will become more the norm moving forward, in what has been a tenuous relationship in the past between the mayor and the council ...This is how the system should work ...two thumbs up from the BatBlog on progress and the cooperative effort of both parties involved....

Monday, September 22, 2014

Election 2014 Bat Poll Numbers Revised

Since some asshole with obviously not much to do hacked the Bat Poll we have had to calculate the votes with the hacking votes being discarded....with that in mind here are the results to this point....

Clark Co. Commissioner - David Abbot (D)                    28     36%
                                           Bryan Glover (R)                  49      64%

Clark Co. Sheriff                Brian Meyer (D)                     18     19%
                                            Jamie Noel  (R)                    41      44%
                                          Mac Spainhour(I)                   34       37%

Clark Co. Prosecutor         Robert Bottoroff (D)               30     36%
                                           Jeremy Mull  (R)                    54     64%

Clark Co. Auditor              William "Perry" McCall (D)      26     36%
                                            R. Monty Snelling (R)           46     64%

Clark Co, Assessor             Vicki Kent -Haire (D)             73     63%
                                            Martina Webster (R)              43     37%

Circuit Court Judge            Joe Weber (D)                        43     58%
                                            Kyle Williams (R)                   31     42%

Circuit Court Judge             Laura Harbison (D)                 39     48%
                                             Brad Jacobs (R)                     43     52%

Circuit Court Clerk              Susan Popp (D)                       46     67%
                                             Kelly Harrod (R)                     23     33%

Clark Co. Recorder               Lincoln Crum (D)                  37     45%
                                              Zach Payne (R)                    45     55%

Clark Co, Council                Barbara Hollis (D)                   49     67%
                                             Shawn Billups (R)                  24     33%

Clark Co. Council                Kelly Conn (D)                        24     37%
                                             Bryan Lenfert (R)                   41     73%

Clark Co. Council                Joe Hubbard (D)                     42     60%
                                             Danny Yost  (R)                     28     40%

U.S. Congress                       Bill Bailey (D)                         33     43%
                                              Todd Young (R)                      43     57%

State Senate                           Chuck Freiberger (D)             32     46%
                                               Ron Grooms (R)                     38     54%

Even though the voting was hacked we urge you to continue to vote and coming soon a look at the individual races and predictions...

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Local Democratic Caucas

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