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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Don't Bite the Hand that Feeds You....

M. Moore shoots himself in foot ....again
Mayor Mike Moore's recent problems with the INDOT Indiana Dept. of Transportation over the opening of the Big four pedestrian bridge, may be another case of  "Don't bite the hand that feeds you" or "Don't let your mouth overload your Ass."  While Mr. Moore is to be commended for looking out for Jeffersonville business owners and resident's interests the BatBlog is not sure bad mouthing INDOT on local television stations and in the press is the smart thing to do or the right way to go. After all the state of Indiana through INDOT and  federal funds is financing over 80% of the money for this project. Another thing is that state agencies and departments of government don't like to be embarrassed with negative publicity and comments about them to the media.

 Mayor Moore in our opinion would  have been better off working behind the scenes maybe calling the Governor and using a little political finesse than calling out INDOT publicly. Moore has shown a tendency to over react in his differences with both the City Council and now INDOT. Sometimes you have to cut your losses and look for other political avenues instead of just bad mouthing those involved, which is just a knee jerk reaction....

With all the road and highway construction in this area's future with the Bridges Project there will be times were Moore and Jeffersonville will need INDOT in the future, and their leaders might have short memories and remember Moore's theatrics to the press. And that could leave Jeffersonville on the short end on future funding or help. To be honest as the BatBlog reported before Jeffersonville isn't even ready for the opening of the Bridge anyway, our end is a mess.

Sorry Mr. Moore but you're tearing a page out of  former mayor Tom Galligan's operations manual by trying to bully people  and throwing temper tantrums to get your way. And that doesn't work especially when your're dealing with people who may have more pull than yourself and who you may rely upon for future help.  Mr. Moore you need to get your act together and use a little more constraint if you have any notion of re-election as Jeffersonville mayor or helping Jeffersonville residents.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Confession of an Internet Hacker

*************************************** UPDATE ************************************

Well it didn't take long for my little buddy to get banned , poor guy never hurt anyone, never got a warning point, never used foul language, never even got a notification he was banned by Adolph Quasar...what a way of treating a member in good standing..... Wouldn't it be funny if HT just picked someone out and said it was one would ever know....Just goes to show the Chatter hierarchy monitors and reads the BatBlog, thanks for stopping in...... leave a message sometime....Unlike the Chatter no one with differing opinions gets banned around here , this is a democracy not totalitarian dictatorship like the CCC....

LOL This little near sighted dude whose picture I found on the Internet represents a hacker who hacked his way onto the  local  forum the Clark County Chatter. The head Nazi in charge Quasar made the claim that HT would never post again on the Chatter LOL....WRONG...helped by my little buddy Scott Ferguson (made up name) he has (HT)  posted quite a few times in the past couple of months. He even baited ole NHBSM a few times LOL....boy that was fun LOL..Just goes to show the Big Q ain't as smart as he thinks he is LOL. I'll admit it isn't the same as posting as yourself and the novelty kind of wore off quickly.... but there are 2 other hackers controlled by HT that are still members.....Guess Who Big Q ???  LOL LOL

Monday, April 21, 2014

New Jeffersonville Police Station....Wasted Tax Dollars or Needed ???

 Is the new multi-million police station really needed or is this another example of political grandstanding and wasted tax dollars ??? A lot of taxpayers aren't aware that TIF (tax increment financing) funding that is financing the new station actually takes tax money away for the cash strapped County. Forcing the County to file suit creating mandates in order to make up for the shortages, which then creates  increased taxes on property owners.

Property owners  in the rural areas of the county in essence are actually helping finance sometimes frivolous projects like the new police station, in order to make the local politicians look good for the next election. The BatBlog is pretty sure residents in Otisco and other outlying areas wouldn't see any benefit or be too happy about helping finance Jeff's pet projects. Until the state legislature starts limiting the TIF dollars that drain County dollars away from them this in our opinion unfair practice will continue, and our local politicians will continue to abuse it....

Let's be honest while there is crime here locally this isn't New York City or even Louisville. Police officers here probably spend 90% of their time locking up drunks, directing traffic around schools, and cruising the local fast food, and Thorntons...The current station should suffice, especially if it would save taxpayers money...

Sunday, April 20, 2014

The Blame Game.... The Big Four Bridge Project Delay

   The Big Four pedestrian bridge has been delayed once again and immediately the "Blame Game" begins. Mayor Mike Moore blaming (INDOT) Indiana Dept. of Transportation for the delay and threatened to open the new walkway anyway, but backed off when he discovered funding would be lost if he did so. INDOT has blamed the weather conditions this winter, a design flaw, and a change in the lighting plans for the delay. The two head idiots on the CCC Kruger and NHBSM blamed Moore for the delay. Of course they blame Moore for everything from global warming to Obamacare, so nothing is new....

   The BatBlog feels there is enough blame to go around without everyone pointing fingers. Yes the construction has been slow and this is primarily a state project so local officials have a right to be upset with the state. On the same behalf local officials and Mike Moore is mayor so he shares the blunt of the blame , having been equally slow in preparing the landing area at the foot of the bridge. What will eventually be a park looks like a war zone , unfinished construction, little or no grass and whats with those 4 or 5 dilapidated old houses sitting on blocks. Jeffersonville isn't ready itself for the opening of the bridge. This is one major embarrassment and eyesore. With first impressions being important there is absolutely no reason for someone traversing the bridge from the Kentucky side to want to leave the bridge and explore the downtown Jeff area .... Jeff needs it's act together soon or when the bridge is eventually opened the landing area will still be a complete mess.

 In the Batblog's opinion the Jeffersonville side has been a comedy of errors from day one. Under former Mayor Galligan all the property in this area was purchased for a "Canal " project which died an uneventful death. Mike Moore inherited all this land and decided upon creating a park in the City block of acquired land. Some park area is fine but the City really missed the boat to create a nice area of restaurants, cafes , bistros and shops in this area that would spur economic development. As it sits now pedestrians will have cross a residential area to reach the downtown businesses preparing for hopefully an influx of new customers exiting the bridge. If the City had been smart they would have acquired the small strip of residential housing between the bridge landing and Spring St. as well. Putting in the above mentioned business and creating a better transition for the downtown area.

In conclusion, no one ever accused this City of doing things the correct or prudent way and progress moves at a snail's pace around here. Considering all the political bickering and back stabbing, it's a wonder this project even got off the ground...and it's only fitting that the Big Four Project has been delayed, complained about and everyone pointing fingers that's the Jeffersonville way.....Meanwhile the two resident Grumpy old Men NHBSM and Kruger look around for something else to complain about and blame Mike Moore for.

Friday, April 18, 2014

Everybody Loves a Good Fight

Wow you all must really like the controversy...394 page views today and 342 yesterday after Pesty opened the thread on the Clark County Chatter about bringing me back on board. I guess everybody loves a good fight. Thank all of you for your comments and e-mails.

One Chatter member e-mailed that I shouldn't be so bitter and try to make amends. Well I'm not bitter at all, don't hate anyone I just speak my mind and tell it like it is. I just find it ironic and hypocritical that Quasar someone who posts topic after topic on his forum about government control and interference in our daily lives, won't even allow the members who are the strength of the CCC online community to speak their minds, which is the ultimate form of control.

 Another person said I should have taken over the Chatter when it was offered to me early on and then I could have banned Quasar. No that wouldn't have happened, for one thing I don't have the time and secondly I would never had banned him. I'm a bigger person than that to ban someone over petty differences.

But enough about the Chatter we have an election coming up and plenty of good local stories to keep a blogger busy , the views on the site are growing more everyday thank you for dropping in. Also if you have any tips, ideas for a story, feel free to e-mail us here at the Batblog at

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Response to the CCC Thread about HT

The Clark Co. Chatter has a thread opened by my friend PestyII, entitled  "Hoosiertaxpayer is it time to bring him back"  the thread also includes a poll. While I appreciate Pesty II's intentions I have no desire to return as long as the Chatter is run by the Neo Nazi Skinhead in chief and bold faced liar Quasar....While I miss the interaction in a forum setting of a lot of the good people on the Chatter  Pesty, Kelley , Tina , Bikerdude. Donna, JHS82, Integrity Matters, Ironhorse, Jules, Chopper, Snowman just to name a few. A lot follow and correspond through the  blog which is doing way better than expected since I resurrected it in January. It is well over 225 views a day now and growing.....

 I have never bad mouthed the Chatter it is a great community and community asset with great people involved, it's just a shame it has to be run by a buffoon who thinks he's Adolf Hitler who can't understand and is too thin skinned to take a little sarcasm. Besides he can't keep me off it anyway, I have 3 other active accounts one of which I will reveal to the world Friday....Guess Who ???

If you want to know the real reason I was banned  CLICK HERE. Again Thanks Pesty II for the good intentions but to Quasar ...You can take HT's membership and stick it up your ASS.....

**********************************UPDATE ***************************************************
The Fuhrer has spoken and locked down the thread....Even though it was mostly positive and the members had voted in favor of bringing back HT, in Gestapo like fashion the Big Q shuts up any dissident voices much like Nazi warned there is no such thing as freedom of speech on the Clark County Chatter ....


Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Signs, Signs, Everywhere a Sign...

  Political signs are popping up all over town and the County as Clark Co.  prepares for next month's primary. If the amount of signs is any indication Jerry (keep em in jail) Jacobi and "Toxic" John Perkins seem to have the edge in that department. Don't know if it's out of desperation or popularity that these two have a decided edge in the sign department. The BatBlog just doesn't get it, why would any educated voter allow a Jacobi for Judge or a John Perkins sign on their property. Doesn't anybody read the paper or watch the news ?? Jacobi's incompetence and arrogance in running the suspended "drug court" probably will cost taxpayers millions in lawsuits. And "Toxic" John not only exceeds Jacobi in arrogance but he has the personality of a slug.... surely to heaven their abnormal number of sign for these two has more to do with their egos, their desperation and their money spent to see their names in print than their popularity. But then again Clark Co. has never been accused of being an intelligent electorate....look at some of the other slugs we've elected over the years, some multiple times....

 Laura Harbison Jacobi's opponent for Judge has to be running the lowest key campaign in history. I have yet to see one of her signs. I will be voting for her and wish her luck, I just hope she isn't underestimating a voting public that at times isn't too educated. The public has elected incompetent hacks like Jacobi before, even after scandals like the drug court mess. So voters beware let's do the right thing and retire Jacobi and Perkins for good......