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Monday, April 17, 2017

A Dangerous Game of Chicken....

President Trump and North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un are apparently engaged in a dangerous game of chicken. Both leaders with blustering , arrogant personalities so far appear to have come to a stand off in their facedown. The question is ...What happens next  ???

 Jong Un seems determined to continue amping up North Korea's nuclear weapons program and testing. While Trump boasts that " North Korea will be dealt with accordingly." If nuclear and missile tests continue in defiance does Trump send a missile North Koreas's way as a warning like he did to  Assad and Syria ??? At this point no one knows but there is no doubt this is creating world wide tensions not seen since the 60's and the Cuban missile crisis.

Who blinks first ??? Who fires first ??? Does continuing nuclear testing merit a warning missile from the U.S.???  Tough questions with no easy answer....

 North Korea is just a fly spot on the map that the U.S. could wipe off the face of the earth, but any warning sent Kim Jong un's way could threaten our allies South Korea and Japan with retaliatory  attacks including nuclear missiles well within range of North Korea.

 No answers here, but Trump better realize he's dealing with an idiot madman in Jong Un before he fires any warning missiles ,,,as in the balance is the possibility of millions of innocent lives lost and an escalation into a thermonuclear war and dire consequences...

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Guns and Wimmens...

The BatBlog has received a press release from local Libertarians about a firearm training session they are providing for local wimmens on Apr. 15. HT admits he is old school, and while he has advanced from his "barefoot and pregnant" mantra of his younger days he's not sure of the wisdom of arming all our wimmens. HT knows some bad ass, mean wimmens and the last thing they need are weapons especially ones with bullets. Wimmens are emotional, unpredictable, moody and mean enough and with them carrying  .44 magnums mens will be disappearing everywhere. Mrs. HT won't be participating with these wimmen's gun training she will be home in her apron. ironing and cooking HT's supper and baking him a cherry pie....

Just kidding my Libertarian friends....Seriously this sounds like a great event...and it's open to everyone not just wimmens...

In this day and age everyone needs to be aware of protecting oneself,  woman especially, Anyone that isn't trained, familiar or comfortable with fire arms should have training to protect  and familiarize themselves with how to safely handle and use a firearm. Anyone interested The BatBlog seriously recommends they attend this event Apr. 15... The BatBlog also is putting in a request for Goliath to provide some chickens for targets for this event...hitting moving chickens much tougher than a stationary target.

Here's the press release....

press release

Monday, April 10, 2017

Clark Co. Chairman Caucus ...How The BatBlog Sees It...


A few thoughts on yesterday's Clark Co. Democratic caucus to fill the vacant seats by the tragic death of Josh Rodriquez. Filled by caucus were the Josh's city council seat and the county party chairmanship.

  Once again the unimaginative, rigid, old guard caucus let down party regulars and rank and file voters down. Nothing against Ron Ellis a good democrat and respected candidate but Josh Rodriquez's widow Meredith deserved to fill out her late husband's term just out of respect for Josh's memory and honoring the hard work he did to get elected to his city council position. It's disgraceful that this near sighted stodgy caucus couldn't see that the right thing to do was honor Josh and his memory by electing his wife to fill his shoes.

  In the Dem. Clark Co. chairman's race a rather lackluster field of three vied to lead local Democrats in to the future. Kate Miller the current vice chair was elected over Diane Swank and a ghost from the past who reappeared Edward "Pepper" Cooper one of the old broken down "old mules" of the party. Miller was the best choice  and the BatBlog wishes her well and Good Luck !!!

 Runner up Diane Swank probably on her own would have fared better and could have done a good job as chair, unfortunately for her she will always be linked (rightfully or wrongfully) to "Toxic" John Perkins. Pepper Cooper another Dem."old mule" embarrassed himself and the party by even thinking he had any chance of being elected, he's another pariah to local voters.

 If there as any positive coming out of the caucus it is HOPEFULLY we have seen the last of "the old mules" and their influence on local politics. Tom "Bulldozer" Galligan is now no longer party chairman, Toxic John after his 13% of the vote showing in his last race is hopefully done, and Pepper Cooper's 5 votes in the caucus should put him and the other two "Old Mules" out to retirement pasture for good...

Sunday, April 9, 2017

Too Far or Not Far Enough ???

 President Trump's move to send missiles against Syria has been praised on both sides of the political aisle. The BatBlog feels it was the right move as well, sending a message that chemical weapons will not be tolerated anytime  and anyplace . Going forward though ...what is the next step ???

  Practically no one wants the U.S. involved in another war on some foreign land involving civil issues that frankly can never be solved. The Middle East is a cesspool of numerous rival factions where it is impossible to discern who are the good guys...if there are any good guys.  These people have been fighting and warring among themselves since time began , and as Iraq has shown our intervention only changed the dynamics not the situation.

  Hopefully we have learned you can't create a democracy where none has ever existed. Even if you eliminate a power crazed dictator as we did with Saddam Hussein another one somewhere will emerge into power, it's a vicious cycle.

 Trump's military message that chemical weapons WON'T be tolerated is the right one but caution and restraint have to be adamant in the future. We are dealing with several countries and dictators who aren't rational, can't be negotiated with, and have too complicated of a political situation too ever  be settled or even rationalized.

We must be alert to world situations, and while we sympathize with innocent victims especially children of these volatile countries  unfortunately there is little we can do  to stabilize and protect everyone. We can't be the world police and somethings just have to be settled on their own...

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Can Anyone Bring Local Democrats Together ???

The BatBlog has learned that Diane Swank didn't stand up at the last Dem. meeting in response to candidates for the Chairmanship (of course she could still run). It has been confirmed Kate Miller  current vice chair  will run for the chair but still no word on Dustin White's intentions. Also Josh Rodriquez's wife Meredith will run for Josh's vacant city council seat against veteran Ron Ellis.
Sadly local Democrats will have to re-caucus Sunday April 9th to elect a new Clark Co, chairman after the tragic death of  recently elected Josh Rodriquez. Officially no one has declared interest in the vacant position. The BatBlog would think that Jeff City councilman Dustin White would still be interested in the position as would Diane Swank both of whom ran against Mr. Rodriquez in the earlier caucus.

  In a last minute political move White threw his support to Ms. Swank in the earlier caucus. Will Mr. White run  his own candidacy this time or again support Swank ??? Mr White  checks into The BatBlog on occasion so hopefully he will give us an answer... Also according to the News/Tribune vice chair Kate Miller is also considering a run at the chairman vacancy.

 The earlier caucus was marred by allegations of manipulating the precinct committee and vice committee persons by former chair Tom "The Bulldozer" Galligan. The BatBlog hopes  "Bulldozer won't interfere with the process and allow the precinct committee people to think on their own and vote their conscious and the best person to unite the party.

 The BatBlog endorsed Mr. White for the position earlier and if he decides to run again believes he deserves and has earned the right and is the best man for the job. There is no doubt the Democratic party is fractured on several levels (local, state , national) right now...but with the right leaders and party unity there is no reason Democrats can't return to prominence and elect people to bring honor to public service again...

Monday, March 27, 2017

Miss Him Yet ???

Didn't always agree with his politics are policy and he wasn't the sharpest pencil in the presidential box, but he had respect for the office and his position and even his political opponents. Democrat's respected him as well no tweeting, name calling, was honest with the press... just did his job.

 Yeah considering the state of things now I miss him...