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Monday, January 16, 2017

A Good Cyber Friend....RiverFox

A very intelligent , wise man and cyber friend  has posted this  here and on the CCC . I will let the post speak for itself and will abide by Riverfox's wishes...I will only say even though I have never met him personally it's an honor to have met and to know him through this medium...

This is a post that I think I need to make. Over the years we have lost a few good people
and they just seemed to disappear. I don't want anyone to wonder or speculate.
So here it is … my last post.

Recently I have been informed that I won't be around much longer. Yeah … that kinda sux.
(don't get all weepy and $h|t. Everybody has this one coming eventually)
I now have a lot to do in an unknown time frame so I don't have time to do this anymore.
The only thing I see as different is that now you will all have to do your own research.
(not that many of you actually give a rat's @$$ since you prefer to accept rhetoric,
propaganda, and, recently, outright lies to actual facts) 

I thought about making this some kind of platform to rail against the ignorant but decided
that would be a waste of time and energy. I'll only say this to the ideologues, party people,
and other dogmatic types: At least TRY to think for yourselves. Don't accept things just
because they agree with your particular world view. Most such world views are delusional.
If someone tells you that they have "the truth" or that "it is really very simple" they are
probably lying. (even if they are lying to themselves as well)

I wasn't going to name names but there is one that I need to. That would be Quasar.
Over the years this forum has drifted further and further to the right. I've accepted that.
Quasar is a bit to the right of conservative and posts from some very questionable sources.
We have had some serious disagreements and usually don't agree in the end but he has
always been fair in his dealings with me. (I can't speak for anyone else, however)
The future of this forum seems to be in question at the moment. I hope that if this place
goes down it can be replaced (at least the Jeffersonville & Clark County sections)
We have done some meaningful things here over the years using this platform.

I'll be asking Quasar to lock down this thread. There is nothing here for discussion.

If you want to respect my wishes then please refrain from posting here.
(that includes goodbyes, sympathy, condolences or whatever else)

I've sorta enjoyed it.
Best of luck, 

Friday, January 13, 2017

Wanna Play a Game of Chicken ???

  If you love a good game of  "chicken" where you see who is the first one to flinch or give in ...try the Hwy. 62 roundabout heading toward Amazon and River Ridge. It's about as challenging and exciting place as there is in Clark Co.

 This roundabout has been controversial from the start due to many accidents and the complexity of the many roads and highways that feed into this area. That along with the inexperience of local drivers navigating roundabouts (which are fairly new to this area) that make travelling through this one a harrowing experience at times.

The BatBlog actually likes the concept of a roundabout as it keeps traffic moving for the most part pretty smoothly. As we see it the major problem is the drivers  through lack of knowledge of how these intersections operate and the newness of it. It is understandable the confusion when entering this area for the first time as there are so many options and different routes available. Until drivers become more savvy and remember to always yield it makes for an exciting game of "Chicken"....

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

What happened to the Gateway Project ???

Just wondering about the 10th St. Gateway Project into Jeffersonville ??? Doesn't seem to be much going on in the area that was to include a new hotel, restaurants and retail shops in the entry corridor to the City...

Is it still in negotiations ??? Did the plan fall through ??? Just curious as The BatBlog thought a developer had been chosen in 2015...

Friday, January 6, 2017

Popplewell ...Cover Up and Conspiracy ????

A reader in a earlier thread has chastised The BatBlog and one of our readers (Mr. Gray) for spreading "conspiracy theory" rumors in last week's story on Mike Popplewell. First of all The BatBlog has no idea whether or not a cover up or a conspiracy was in place in an attempt to protect the integrity and embarrassment of those involved... including the Clarksville Police Dept. and chief, Sheriff and GOP party chair Jamey Noel as well as Clark Co. prosecutor Jeremy Mull. While there is no proof that any cover up exists, the circumstances, the timing of , and the way all of this came down is rather peculiar.

 They're had been rumors but no official announcement by the CPD about Popplewell's alleged transgressions involving a credit card even before the election where Popplewell was elected to the Clark Co. council. Most odd though was the way Popplewell's latest alleged theft from Walmart was announced and handled ...not by the CPD or any law enforcement agency but through e-mails from the town council attorney to council members.

 It was reported and also doesn't it seem strange that supposedly Walmart wouldn't press charges if Popplewell resigned from the CPD. Since when does Walmart dictate policy and disciplinary action for the Clarksville police department and or the Clark Co. prosecutor ??? Shouldn't this have been announced and handled by the department chief or sheriff's dept., or immediately turned over to the county prosecutor ???

 In the meantime while this was all quietly going on ...Popplewell was sworn into his seat on the county council as if nothing had ever happened. Only after the Indiana State police looked into this was charges brought down by Jereny Mull Clark co. prosecutor this past week.

Popplewell's attorney Larry Wilder told WHAS-11 News "  he and I are both hopeful that he will not be treated any differently than any other citizen in Clark County that has stumbled as he has. "  That statement in itself is a joke...any ordinary citizen would have been arrested and charged on the spot and more than likely jailed. Wilder's client seems to us to have gotten preferential treatment because he was a police officer and a cover up that may have happened.

In conclusion, until their is a complete investigation of all parties involved and the facts come completely out, it is reasonable to believe by the way things happened that there may have been a cover up and conspiracy to protect those involved...

 If it walks like a duck, talks like a duck's usually a duck or in this case a cover up...if it occurred (cover up) how deep it goes and who was involved ??? That remains to be seen....Stay Tuned.

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

The Bridges Project

After years of waiting and wondering the Ky.-In.Bridges Project is finally done and it is a welcome, needed and finely crafted addition to our area. Traffic had become horrendous crossing the Kennedy bridge before the two new bridges were constructed and while there are still some kinks and a learning curve to get used to , the overall project appears to be well designed and well built. The project should only enhance the expotential growth we have seen lately here locally.

The only down side is now paying for it... which means tolling. The tolling seems a little unfair especially paying a toll on a 40 year old bridge  (Kennedy) and one wonders what the added cost of collecting tolls will be passed on to the commuters...and what will be the effect on businesses. As for myself being mostly retired and not in any hurry to get anywhere I will on most occasions might just use the old Clark bridge regularly...

One final complaint the names...Lincoln and Lewis and Clark have been used to death. Hell there already is a lewis and Clark bridge in Oregon... How about something new and original ??? Its kind of sad that neither state has someone who has distinguished themselves lately to have a bridge named after them...making us go back nearly 200 years for Abraham Lincoln and Lewis & Clark... What about the Birch Bayh Bridge ??? for the distinguished and popular Indiana Senator (circa 1970's) but then again he was a Democrat...oh well...

Saturday, December 31, 2016

Friday, December 30, 2016

Popplewell Update and Rumors...

Have we elected a crook ???
Thought I would update the Popplewell situation... as I traverse around the area a lot of people feel we have elected a crook to the county council. The recent allegations and rumors stemming from Popplewells forced ?? resignation has only fueled the outrage among the local electorate. Compounded with what appears to be a cover up by local authorities makes this the top news story headed into the new year.

 Questions heard by The BatBlog include ....Why no criminal investigation ??? Has Popplewell been hired by sheriff Jamey Noel after his resignation from the CPD ?? What store did the alleged theft occur at ??? Do we the public have any recourse about his election to the council ???

 The Batblog has heard answers to all these questions but none have been confirmed as of yet... which just makes the story even more intriguing. The BatBlog  called for earlier a complete non partisan investigation by the Indiana State police to answer and publicize the answers to these questions and more. A concerned public has the right and is owed these answers and we encourage everyone to voice their concerns to all elected officials...

 Especially concerning is the Clarksville PD and town council's refusal to date to provide some insight to these allegations. It is their duty as elected and public officials to serve and provide the public with information... as well Mr. Popplewell if innocent should more than anyone want a complete investigation to clear his name.

Stay vigilant my friends and The BatBlog welcomes all input through the comments section or e-mail and your anonymity is guaranteed through both mediums....