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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Signs, Signs, Everywhere a Sign...

  Political signs are popping up all over town and the County as Clark Co.  prepares for next month's primary. If the amount of signs is any indication Jerry (keep em in jail) Jacobi and "Toxic" John Perkins seem to have the edge in that department. Don't know if it's out of desperation or popularity that these two have a decided edge in the sign department. The BatBlog just doesn't get it, why would any educated voter allow a Jacobi for Judge or a John Perkins sign on their property. Doesn't anybody read the paper or watch the news ?? Jacobi's incompetence and arrogance in running the suspended "drug court" probably will cost taxpayers millions in lawsuits. And "Toxic" John not only exceeds Jacobi in arrogance but he has the personality of a slug.... surely to heaven their abnormal number of sign for these two has more to do with their egos, their desperation and their money spent to see their names in print than their popularity. But then again Clark Co. has never been accused of being an intelligent electorate....look at some of the other slugs we've elected over the years, some multiple times....

 Laura Harbison Jacobi's opponent for Judge has to be running the lowest key campaign in history. I have yet to see one of her signs. I will be voting for her and wish her luck, I just hope she isn't underestimating a voting public that at times isn't too educated. The public has elected incompetent hacks like Jacobi before, even after scandals like the drug court mess. So voters beware let's do the right thing and retire Jacobi and Perkins for good......

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

The Clark Co. Probation Office and Court System is it Broken ???

   More controversy in the Clark Co. court system. It seems like the other local judges don't agree with Judge Dan Moore's idea to consolidate the (2) HIPs (home incarceration program) now being used here in the County. Presently one is operated by the Clark Co.Probation Office the other by Community corrections. Judge Moore who is also president  of the Community Corrections advisory board would like to consolidate the programs into only one to be maintained by Community Corrections.

 It seems that Judges Joe Weber and Vicky Carmichael have a problem with Judge Moore's idea and  the question is why ??? Weber wouldn't comment on the News/Tribune story...So what gives Judge Joe  why not ?? Seemingly the Community Corrections program is more efficient with newer technology on the ankle bracelets attached to the defenders and  CC has a better track record in getting the offenders hooked up as soon as possible. The Probation Office often waits until the offender has the money for the fees before they are hooked up.

Judge Moore who the BatBlog has a lot of respect for, feels this is win /win situation to consolidate. For the County financially and the public safety of citizens. So what gives ??? Why are the other judges opposed ??? is it not wanting accountability for the fees collected ?? Is it political ??

The probation office has had enough problems with the drug court fiasco, it appears to be mismanaged and somewhat incompetent. It's time to do the smart thing and listen to a voice of reason that of Judge Dan Moore

Sunday, April 13, 2014

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Local Celebrity Look Alikes Part III

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Vladamir Putin

John Perkins

Friday, April 11, 2014

Blunder over Louisville....

Call me a spoil sport, party pooper , grouch or whatever but I won't be going to "Blunder over Louisville" this year and HT's "Blunder" days may be over for ever. As you get older your tolerance for standing elbow to elbow and fighting 100 million people for a prime spot to view 30 minutes of fireworks diminishes greatly. Don't get me wrong when "Blunder" first came I was right in the middle of it stalking prime real estate on the riverbank for the big show, and it is something to see at least once.

    In the early days there was plenty of prime viewing areas in Jeff, close to the bridges. As time has passed commercialism, businesses and government have conspired to make "Blunder" another way of relieving you of your hard earned money. Initially on the Jeffersonville side you could enjoy the fire works by spreading a blanket on the riverbank. Until the powers to be donated the land to restaurantuers who have managed to squeeze about 15 restaurants into  the space of 3. Now you have to pay a premium price  for those once free prime viewing spots. You can pay the big bucks for a seat inside  at one of the riverside eateries or you can pay a smaller price to be herded like cattle into a fenced area around Kingfish and sit in a tent. If you're really adventurous and a glutton for punishment you can sit in traffic for a couple, three hours each way and head over to the big lawn in Louisville where for the mere price of a Pegasus Pin you get the privilege of sitting or standing with another 100 million people. Added bonus this year be prepared for possible gang activity....Priceless

    Yeah HT will be avoiding the whole area this year with added construction of the new bridge it should be a real mess down there. I will check out the air show from my backyard, they haven't figured a way of charging you to look up in the air yet, and though I can see a distant sight of "Blunder" from my back yard, I won't bother...I've seen enough over the years. I won't even miss the the artery clogging, heart attack wagons that deep fry everything from a twinkies to cauliflower while taking up more viewing space. I'll wake up Sunday morning having missed the whole experience but then again I haven't missed a thing....

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Mike Moore ...The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly

  First of all I would like to point out I am not, repeat not Mike Moore's boy, like several have labeled me. I am a Democrat and voted for Teresa Perkins in the Dem. primary and had she won I would have voted for her in the fall election won by M. Moore over Galligan. With Ms. Perkins background and experience  I thought she would be excellent as mayor.

 I'd had enough of Galligan who in my opinion bullied his way through basically 12 years of dormancy and bad decisions. I didn't like that Moore had switched parties even though it was probably a good political decision, but my vote for Moore was basically an anti - Galligan vote more than anything. I followed Moore when he was Co. Commissioner and thought he made some sound decisions and was a conservative voice on fiscal matters who had public's interest at heart. I really had high hopes for his mayoral term and thought he was what the city needed a breath of fresh air.....Now I'm not so sure....

The Good

Moore's first good decision and what his campaign was based on was NO canal. I thought this was a good
decision it was an over priced campaign ploy by Galligan who knew he was in trouble politically. The Canal never had the support of the majority of voters and it was wise to stop it...Moore's second good decision was sinking (no pun intended) of the boondoggle "Blue Goose" the monstrous Riverstage that Galligan got suckered into buying. It end up I believe being sold for scrap...good move. Thirdly early in his days he fired NHBSM,  the Benedict Arnold supporter of his during his campaign who was I believe appointed to the Re-Devolpment Board ...

Moore also has had some good ideas, the replacement of the docks and planned fishing wharf is an excellent idea of a blighted eyesore at the riverfront. The park at the corner of Allison Ln. and Middle Rd. is a great improvement and he has had some other equally good ideas....

The Bad

Moore's first bad idea was appointing Rob Waiz as Redevelopment Director. Waiz in my opinion is not qualified for a job of this much importance, he has a background in selling real estate and insurance. Redevelopment Directors need to have experience and expertise in redevelopment and even if an outsider had to be hired, it should have been done. More than likely Waiz's appointment was a political favor returned, Waiz should have never been selected.

 Next is Moore's on going feud with the City Council. It was no secret that several of the holdover Council members had deep allegiances and ties to former Mayor Galligan. It wasn't going to be easy to overcome these allegiances  and Moore should have realized this early on and slowly worked on the cooperation necessary for a good relationship needed between the mayor and a city council. Early in his term the City Council made some decisions that were obviously political in nature but instead of cutting his losses and moving on Moore took a more aggressive and public tone and probably at some point alienated even the newly elected council members and those with more of a neutral stance.

  Another bad choice of the Moore administration is the development of the property at the foot of the Big Four pedestrian bridge. Turning this whole area (2 square blocks) into a park was a bad choice, while a small amount of green space is necessary it would have been nice to incorporate some pubs, bars, restaurants, shops close to the landing area. As it stands there is a residential area between the downtown (Spring St. establishments) and the bridge landing this should have been transitioned for a better flow for the pedestrians crossing the bridge.

 Finally the snails pace that the Big Four Project has moved leaves a black eye on our area. This isn't totally the mayor's fault as this was a state project, but the mayor's decision to open the bridge before completion of the landing area is a poor one. First impressions are important, and construction area and work, no grass, four old houses (that should have been destroyed) sitting on blocks will not leave a good first impression and surely won't invite people to return....


  The ugliness began during Moore's campaign with the infamous mailing by his political enemies. It continued when he was elected with the snide remarks by loser Galligan the day after the election to the local media. Ugliness has been a continuing  theme throughout Moore's term.  Early in his term The Oracle (political enemies) appeared on the internet, whose main ploy was sexual innuendos and double entendres focusing upon the mayor's personal life. Then came the battle with the City Council and leaked personal e-mails and text messages to the press and among Moore's political enemies.

    Mayor Moore though has been  an equally ugly participant in these political games. Instead of using class and restraint in some of his battles with the council. He has taken the aggressive approach of firing off text messages and alleged e-mails to those he's had differences. Sometimes it's best to just cut your political losses and move on and work on mending those political fences intelligently and with finesse not aggression. Personally I have seen a difference in the mayor as well, before the election he would bend over backwards in greeting and acknowledging you, now you are lucky to get a nod.

 Has the bad and ugly so much he won't be reelected ?? I don't know... people vote for strange reasons at times and Moore has always been a popular , strong vote getter over the years in Clark Co. Would I vote  MM again ??  I don't know ....I guess it would depend on the opposition. Julius doesn't impress me, he has close ties to Galligan for one and I didn't like the fact he used the Haven House Sewer bill drive as a photo op. I will say Moore has disappointed me, while he doesn't deserve the name calling, juvenile rants by idiots like Keith Fetz and Hutt he has I'm afraid become nothing more than a ego driven politician and those are a dime a dozen around here...