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Tuesday, October 17, 2017

A Look Ahead to 2019 Part II...The Others

Dem.s only hope
  As the BatBlog pointed out in Part I there are several potential serious and not so serious Jeffersonville politicians who are eyeing the Jeffersonville mayor position in 2019 and beyond. Lets look at the  potential candidates now and for the future.

  The most intriguing and long rumored possible candidate is Steve Stemler (D) who recently decided not to seek re-election to the Indiana house of representatives. Stemler a well respected Jeffersonville businessman who for a long time has been considered the Democrats best possible choice as a mayoral candidate. At this time The BatBlog has no idea if Mr. Stemler has any inclinations to seek the position. With today's political climate and the current Republican domination and a strong sitting successful mayor ,one would think Stemler would be reluctant to run even though he is the only Democrat with even a snowball's chance. His best shot may be to await Moore's retirement from the job.

  If Stemler doesn't run Democrat's are pretty much screwed and they may have to reach to the bottom of the political barrel for a candidate. Names like "Toxic" John Perkins and Tom "Bulldozer" Galligan always pop up. Perkins who never met a race he didn't want to enter and eventually lose still after many embarrassing losses doesn't realize he is a pariah to voters.. and can't win ANY race. Galligan would love to avenge his earlier lose to Moore but Galligan would have absolutely ZERO chance against mayor Moore. Another Dem. and former mayoral candidate Dennis Julius is a long shot to run again.

 On the Republican side there are several current GOP city councilpersons drooling awaiting Moore to retire or step aside so they could take a shot at the mayoral slot. Among them is Matt "Lapdog" Owen, Ed "Moe " Zastawny, and Lisa Gill. If and when Moore steps aside look for a mad scramble among these three.  The best choice would appear to be Gill who is respected for listening and taking care of her constituents. "Moe" and "Lapdog" need to just stick to appearing in the various parades we have during the year...

Things can change quickly in politics but Republicans look firmly entrenched in power for the immediate future and at this time the Jeffersonville mayor's job is Mike Moore's as long as he wants to keep it...There are many who crave the position, but realize he is unbeatable for the foreseeable future...

Saturday, October 14, 2017

Will She or Won't She ??? A Look Ahead to 2019.... Part I

Thinking of a mayoral run ???
  There is no doubt Jeffersonville mayor Mike Moore has done a bang up job taking Jeffersonville into the future with his leadership.

The unparalleled growth recently has brought Jeff to new levels of prosperity and stature not only in the east end where retail and commercial development and jobs are soaring... but also a downtown that is bustling with new amenities, restaurants, brew houses, and future retail and residential opportunities.

One would think and rightfully so that mayor Moore would be untouchable in 2019 when the next mayoral race will take place. At this time Moore would have to be an overwhelming favorite if he should choose to continue forward into a third term.That doesn't mean there aren't others on the local political scene that don't have eyes toward mayor's office in the near future and beyond...

  Topping the list and The BatBlog has sources that say fellow Rep., former city councilperson and current Clark Co. Commissioner Connie Sellers is weighing her options as far as entering a primary race against Moore. It is no secret there is no love lost between Sellers and Moore and unseating him would probably be tops on her political wish list...

 Sellers like Moore has been a popular vote getter in the local political scene serving several terms  on the Jeff city council and defeating incumbent and  popular Rick Stephenson in the last GOP primary for a C. C. commissioner slot, then sailing on to victory in the general election...She along with Ed "Moe" Zastawny and Mike "Mr. Green Jeans" Smith were particularly thorns in Mayor Moore's agenda during his first term as mayor... as they served together on a council that was reeling from the defeat of Tom "Bulldozer Galligan in the 2011 mayoral contest. Despite the three Stooges' early  attempts at obstruction, Mayor Moore's ideas and leadership have brought Jeffersonville to historic levels with a promising future.

 Our sources say the only thing holding Sellers back from a run at the mayoral slot is Moore's  success and popularity during his terms of unprecedented growth. Ego and revenge sometimes clouds political judgement so the question is Will she or won't she ??? Stay Tuned...

Coming soon Part II...The Others

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

We're Back with an Exclusive Story...Drug Court Plaintiffs Denied....

************************************A BATBLOG EXCLUSIVE**********************************

The Jeffersonville/ Clark Co. Blog has received documentation from one of the Clark Co. Drug Court Plaintiffs. The document which is available online CLICK HERE TO READis a ruling by Judge Sarah Evans Barker of U.S. District Court. Judge Barker's ruling is a serious blow to the class action lawsuit filed by the drug court defendants in former  C.C. Judge Jerry Jacobi's drug court. The plaintiffs in the lawsuit alleged their civil rights were violated by being held without due process for months longer than their original sentences and other rights violations .

  Basically Judge Barker's ruling is that the various Clark Co. officials and Drug court employees named in the suit were acting in the official capacity of the state and therefore cannot be sued, because they were representing the state. Judge Jacobi is immune and signed basically a plea agreement that he never run again for a judges position and he disbanded the Clark Co.Drug court program.

 While we are sure Judge Barker's ruling will be appealed and the class action suit will continue in what will be a lengthy case, this ruling is a serious setback and a sad commentary on how these people were apparently treated without recourse. The primary blame is on Jacobi who goes scott free even with his blatant disregard for basic human rights and dereliction of his sworn duty to uphold the law.

 For those drug court defendants illegally held, here's hoping this is just a bump in the legal road and somewhere in the future you are compensated for the wrongs you were subjected to.

Friday, September 22, 2017

Trump and Jong Un

  I don't know about you readers but The BatBlog  is getting pretty tired of  two idiots in chief  calling each other names and threatening to blow each other up pretty much on a daily basis.

It's pretty easy to be a badass and play nuclear war if you have a concrete bunker with 5 foot thick walls protecting you  when push comes to shove.... but millions of citizens lives are at risk while these two badasses will be cowardly hunkered down  playing with their army men..

It's scary that two spoiled, rich, bullies hold in their hands the lives of millions of people across the globe while Kim Jung Un and "The Donald" are playing  "Mine's Bigger Than Yours" that holds in the balance a possible catastrophic thermo nuclear war.

 Trump who used his father's privilege and money to dodge the army draft now wants to play soldier along with the idiot in charge of North Korea who was born into this world as some kind of demagogic leader.  Neither has the experience, smarts or common sense to manage a military
operation as they flex back and forth at each other from opposite ends of the world.

 No doubt the U.S. could wipe N.Korea off the face of the earth and that Jung a fool and a madman. that's a given,... but Trump is being played by him.. You don't poke sticks at somebody deranged and you don't risk killing innocent people just because you lack self control and want to act tough and be Mr. BadAss ...

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Young Pups vs. Old Mules

Think I got one more run in me Tom ??? Hee Haw
   While reading SI Open Minded's recent post CLICK HERE handicapping candidates who might enter the Southern Indiana state Representative race, The BatBlog was once again taken aback by the big disparity in the ages of the potential candidates by party.

 The GOP's main contenders are young pups fairly new but successful so far in the local political game. Matt "Lapdog" Owen,  Zach Payne and Callie Jahn head the list. All of whom are in their 20's are early 30's. Conversely the Democratic list has old mules "Toxic" John Perkins and Tom "The Bulldozer" Galligan heading the slate of potential candidates are both in their 70's. This pretty much sums up both the differences and the successes lately of both parties in local politics.

 The BatBlog for years has been calling for an influx of new, young vibrant Democratic candidates for local elections but so far it just hasn't happened. Rank in file Democrats let out a collective moan every time we hear that "Toxic" John is considering another, what will prove to be  disastrous  run at political office. Don't get us wrong HT himself is an "old mule", most old mules are wise, but as a Democrat it is time for  changes in our party leadership both nationally and locally...

We will be profiling the races for Steve Stemler's vacated seat later as well as looking at Stemler's potential political future, but for now us Blue Dog democrats can only shake our heads and wonder when ???

Monday, September 18, 2017

New Blogger in Town...

Southern Indiana Open Minded

The BatBlog would like to welcome a new local blog to the Blogwars and after previewing the first several posts we would highly recommend checking it out CLICK HERE...It's well written on local issues and provides another forum for debating and commenting on the stories here in Southern Indiana...

 The BatBlog must warn the new gal in town that The BatBlog has pretty much destroyed the local competition in the past in the Blog Wars...Goliath and GAW News and The Clark County Chatter lay in ruins after attempting to take on The "award winning" BatBlog. While wishing the best of luck to the new contender we warn them in advance....

Seriously check it out and leave some comments and welcome another cyber voice and opinion to local news and issues...

 Again here's the link Southern Indiana Open Minded