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Friday, April 29, 2016

The General and The Donald...Knight endorses Trump for POTUS

  Former I.U. basketball coach Bobby Knight and GOP presidential candidate Donald (The Donald) Trump are drawing huge crowds and a lot of media attention as they traverse Indiana urging Hoosiers to support and vote for The Donald in Tuesday's primary election. Indiana has become an important state as Trump looks to secure the Republican nomination in the U.S. presidential race.

 Even though Knight was fired by Indiana University he is still beloved by many Hoosiers around the state. How much influence Knight's glowing  endorsement of Trump will have on Indiana's primary is unknown, but his presence has helped Trump draw huge crowds to his rallies.

 The Batblog knows one thing, an endorsement by The General (Knight) will go a lot farther with Hoosiers than Governor Mike Pence's endorsement of  smarmy "Lyin Ted" Cruz...

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Clark Co. Council Races

Four candidates from each party will vie for three positions to qualify for the November general election and the three at large seats on the Clark Co. council. Three incumbents on the current council Kevin Vissing (D), Joe Hubbard and Kelly Khuri (R) will attempt to be reelected.
 In the primary only one candidate from each party will be eliminated.

On the Democratic side according to the BatPoll the least popular candidate appears to be former council member and perennial candidate Perry Smith. The Batblog agrees, Smith has had his time on the council and it's time for someone else. Kevin Vissing along with Joe Hubbard and newcomer Mark Felix get the nod and endorsement of this blog. They should and will win their primary races...

 The GOP council race may be closer as four vie for the three positions. Incumbent Kelly Khuri has been outstanding in her first term and has earned reelection. Though he trails in the BatBlog we endorse former Sellersburg town council member Doug Reiter a man of integrity and Terry Conway to continue on to the fall election along with Ms. Khuri...

 Be Sure To Vote ....May 3

Monday, April 25, 2016

A Good Idea...A Clark Co. Carnival ???

The BatBlog thinks Clark Co. sheriff Jamey Noel may have hit on a good idea with his recent food and T-shirt booth set up at this years Thunder over Louisville. Why not have all city and county government offices participate as well, and at other local fairs and festivals ???  Setting up various types of carnival food, t-shirt and novelty booths could prove to be a windfall, with the profits being used to help alleviate taxes and pay for government services.

 Think of the possibilities cake wheels, Chuck -A-Luck, jugglers maybe even a dunking booth where you could dunk your least favorite politician in water, the ideas are limitless. Have some local past and present politicians dress up like clowns (some would be naturals) to pass out balloons and candy to the kiddies...

We could even take this idea one step farther... how about a Clark Co. Carnival ??? Either on the court house lawn or at the Big Four landing...Pony rides, clown shows maybe some rides. A win win situation for everyone involved...create revenue for tax coffers and create campaign opportunities for local politicians...

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Clark Co. Commissioner Race...A Clear Choice...

Has earned reelection...
Clark Co. Republicans have a clear and easy choice in the upcoming primary election. Rick Stephenson has shown complete transparency and willingness to work for all residents of the county during his first term. He openly will answer or find answers to anyone needing help with problems personally from his phone or over the internet,something unheard of in the past of someone in his position.

 We have heard the rumors about his possible disfavor with party leaders. If true So What !!! Rick will tell you personally he works for us , the voters and taxpayers not the GOP party. Rick's popularity with Clark Co. residents far exceed  the popularity of the so called party leadership anyway.
More obstruction ?

In the wrong race
 Rick's opponents in May's primary are former Jeff City councilman Connie Sellers and local attorney Kyle Williams. Sellers is way out of her league in this race, her tenure on the Jeff city council was highlighted by her and several others obstruction of mayor Mike Moore's projects and ideas. The last thing the County government needs is the obstruction Sellers brings to the table.

Williams who gave judge Joe Weber a pretty good race in the Circuit Court race last year may have a  good future in politics, but this is Rick Stephenson's position , he has earned the trust and showed the work ethic and transparency that is refreshing change of former Commissioners..

 We do find it peculiar that the GOP would put not one but two candidates (possibly to split the vote) up against a popular commissioner like Rick has been. Whether its party squabbles or what ...Rick Stephenson has earned reelection and will win in May and November and he gets a two thumbs up endorsement from the BatBlog....

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

A Wise and Sensible Decision

Lost friends...gone but not forgotten...

The Batblog applauds the Jeffersonville City Council or at least the four members who rejected the rezoning application by GCCS . The rezoning  would have allowed Greater Clark Co. Schools to put a bus depot in a key commercial section of 10th St. and in the process creating a traffic nightmare for commuters.

The influx of new council members this year especially Dustin White and Callie Jahn appears to at least early on,  turned around a council that frankly in the past has made some rather stupid decisions. Namely eliminating Jeffersonville City court, spending millions on a soccer field and persisting to remain as the Parks Authority as well as the city council.

 Poor Ed "Moe" Zastawny (who voted for rezoning) is alone as the sole remaining member of the anti Mayor Moore coalition. His partners in obstruction Sellers, Mike "Mr. Greenjeans" Smith and Dennis "Weeds in the Median" Julius are thankfully long gone. You can almost bet your house if those former  members were still on the council along with Moe we would have that bus depot right square on 10th....if for nothing more than , to spite the mayor and his wishes.

 Mr. White and Ms. Jahn have so far brought some sense and sensibility to a council that needed it. Ms. Jahn has shown wisdom beyond her years and experience and though the BatBlog supported her opponent K. Vissing we have been pleasantly surprised by her performance. Dustin was backed by the BatBlog and we knew he would do well...

Keep up the good work for the citizens of Jeffersonville because...... We will "Remain Vigilant"

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Sour Grapes !!!

We got robbed....."politics"

Recently unseated Jeffersonville City councilman Steve Webb and his attorney Larry "The Can Man " Wilder are crying foul in the recent decision by Judge Andrew Adams to seat Josh Rodriquez and replacing Webb on the city council.

Judge Adam's decision was based on his ruling in the flawed recount after last November's hotly contested  election. Rather than accepting Judge Adam's decision for a new recount "The Can Man" and Webb would like a hearing in a new court,,,likely the reason judge Adams canceled his "new recount" ruling and seated Rodriquez on the council.

So in essence the "election that never ended" will be still be up in the air, pending a ruling in another court by another judge. The BatBlog feels Judge Adams made a good decision seating Rodriquez and was very wise and fair during the whole court proceedings. Of course Webb felt otherwise and pulled out the politics card,and crying to the press we assume because Judge Adams is a Democrat. Webb said: " This decision just came down to politics. Us versus them politics. It’s sad that the people of Jeffersonville have to deal with this on going process.”

Sorry Mr. Webb but your comments are nothing more than sour grapes. Your comments are unfair to Judge Adams who appears to us was honest  and non partisan and made a decision that was fair to you and the voters of Jeffersonville and it was the right thing to do.

The BatBlog supported and voted for Mr. Webb but his legal decisions and crying to the press has convinced the BatBlog was wrong and Josh Rodriquez is the correct choice...

Congratulations to Josh Rodriquez new Jeffersonville City councilman.....

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Three Incumbents Who Have Earned Reelection...

Going forward into next month's primary election three incumbent officeholders here in Clark Co. have earned and deserve to be reelected not only in May but also in the fall general election.
Rick Stephenson, Kevin Vissing, and Kelly Khuri have proven to be fine public servants deserving of another term in the offices they currently hold in county government.

  County Commissioner Stephenson has brought new transparency, openness and  accessibility to an office where in the past those qualities were seriously lacking. Stephenson along with Co. councilman Vissing openly discuss and attempt to solve problems and issues through social media and the internet, something unheard of by many officeholders past and present. Mr. Stephenson has an open question and answer thread on the local internet forum the Clark County Chatter. Kevin regularly posts information and his  slant of issues on The BatBlog aka Jeffersonville Clark Co. blog.

  Kevin to I'm sure will answer any question anyone might have thru his cell phone or submit it here at The BatBlog which he frequents regularly. Ms. Khuri has proven to be also accessible and one of the most determined supporters of fiscal conservatism and responsibility and a true dedicated steward of her constituent's tax dollars.

The ongoing budget crunch has created tough times for our county but going forward these three along with some of the other commissioners and councilpersons appear to be working well together to hopefully solve and improve a tough situation(budget problem) they were left with.

We will talk more about the individual races later but Rick , Kevin, and Kelly have earned and deserve our votes in this election year...

Be Sure to Vote !!!