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Thursday, July 30, 2015

Death Sentence for the Mess in the Middle...

  Mayor Mike Moore of Jeffersonville has declared the death sentence for the Walnut Ridge disaster of  of a landscaping job along the 10th St. medians. Citing safety concerns Moore says the trees will remain but the medians will be planted with grass seed. This puts an end to the foolish idea of the Jeff city council to pour more money into this poorly planned money pit

This boondoggle  "The Mess in the Middle" was an over priced, over grown mess from day 1. The BatBlog bids it a good riddance...We do hope that a good home and some use can be found for some of the plants as it would be a shame to just destroy them...Maybe NHBSM needs a landscaping update...
All it needs is a little Roundup

Monday, July 27, 2015

Got a Story ???

Have you got a story ??? Want to get things done ???  Share it with the Jeffersonville - Clark Co, Blog (BatBlog) at Confidentiality guaranteed ...

The BatBlog is your place to report any suspicious or shady going ons, Our goal is to expose what is right and wrong in the local political scene and make residents, voters and taxpayers more aware, more educated and better prepared to elect better representatives of the people of Jeffersonville and Clark Co.

 The only way to keep our tax dollars safe from mismanagement and waste is to "Remain Vigilant" and with vigilance and sharing information through social media the taxpayer has more tools available than ever before to fight corruption and mishandling of tax funds. Politicians work for us and now more than ever we can hold them accountable for their actions and the money we pay them to be working for US....not special interests or their personal likes or agendas...

 As Always Remain Vigilant My Friends !!!

Friday, July 24, 2015

Win, Win Situation...Clark Memorial Hospital Sale

 It's nice  reporting some good news for a change. The taxpayers of Clark Co. are off the hook for 50 million dollars owed on a bond for Clark Co. Hospital under terms of agreement on the sale of the hospital to LifePoint.

The operations at Clark Memorial had become a money pit... The BatBlog has been informed that allegedly Clark Memorial under the current management was close to defaulting on the monthly bond payment which could have forced reduced services or possibly even closing the doors of CMH and making Clark Co. government and taxpayers responsible for the bond payment...The sale and bailout of CMH is a win, win situation for county residents.

 In the agreement Clark Co. taxpayers will not face anymore liabilities from hospital operations and the bond will be paid off. Current employees will retain their jobs (subject to drug test), capital improvements to the hospital will be made, county inmates will continue to  get medical care for 5 years and the Doctor's groups affiliated with Nortons will be retained.

 The BatBlog would like to thank the County Commissioners and the group of people who worked with them to hammer out this deal which is in the best interests of Clark Co. taxpayers and residents...

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Whose 11 Point Plan Is It ???

It appears Ed Z. feels he's under personal attack by angered residents for comments in his 10/11 point plan for Jeffersonville's future. Now he knows how the residents of Clark Arms must feel when a public official recommends their homes be replaced by "upscale" condos and they be relocated so as to increase the City's tax base. These residents made up of low income elderly and disabled were told basically they just don't fit into Ed Z's vision for the city's future in their "unsafe" apartment complex.

   His idea doesn't include where and how to pay for these residents of Clark Arms to be relocated, just they and their homes just don't fit into his master plan for the future of Jeffersonville. Instead of a plan to improve and make safe the living conditions for these residents , he suggests we just move them out hinting they provide little or no "disposable income" or tax base.

  Mr. Zastawny has no idea what a personal attack is .... Example: being told you don't belong in the new and improved downtown district.... being told your residence is unsafe and unsightly.  Makes no difference that  limited resources and income makes downtown convenient and practical for these residents living needs and quality of life. Now that improvements have been made downtown and your apartment building is now in prime location you are no longer wanted or fit into the future master plan....Now that is a personal attack.

 Mr Zastawny is playing the victim card because outraged residents spoke up and called him out by speaking from their hearts.

 The BatBlog wonders if Ed. Z's plan is a trial balloon for fellow councilman and mayoral candidate Dennis Julius ???  Julius has been very reluctant in our opinion of  stating just what his plan's are on the Canal ???  10 St. median mess ??? etc. etc. In just about every issue he appears to stand in the background and go along with the council majority... Is Ed.Z's plan also favored by Julius ???  They seem to vote alike on almost every issue...If not Julius needs to step forward with his own plan so the voters can get a feel of his own ideas before Election Day...

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Asshole of the Month ...Ed (Moe) Zastawny

  Congratulation to Ed (Moe) Zastawny the BatBlog's "Asshole of the Month". In Moe's 10 point plan for the City of Jeffersonville (actually it's 11 points which makes one wonder about Zastawny being part of the city's financial numbers) Moe wants to tear down the Clark Arms low income apartment complex and replace it with "upscale" condos.

 Gee thanks Moe from the less fortunate and elderly who you conveniently want to just move out thanks to the revival of downtown due to the brand spanking new Big Four Bridge ...which by the way your council had practically no part in developing. You might know the City gets one nice feature (walking bridge) and all of sudden it isn't good enough for the poor or elderly...

 Yeah let's just cast the residents aside to make room for your well to do cronies now that this area is acceptable to them. Never mind that your 10 errr 11 point plan makes no mention of how to house the castoffs once their home is torn down.....Never mind the poor and elderly have been the backbone of the downtown for a long time's time for them to go...

  The BatBlog wonders if fellow councilman and mayoral candidate Julius helped think up the 11 points in Moe's 10 point plan ??? Yeah Ed "Moe " Z showed his true colors and how he thinks about the majority of town folk ....Let them eat cake....

Ed Z. now makes the BatBlog hall of shame and a charter member of "Asshole of the Month" club....

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Who Cuts The Grass ??? Allison Brooke Park

Once again the BatBlog get's er done.... park was freshly mowed today and looks good...don't know who cut it most likely not the Parks Dept. though...sounds like Parks Authority is too busy trying to move the poor and elderly out of downtown
 The BatBlog will give who ever a break because of the continuous rain lately...but just wondering who cuts the grass at Allison Brooke Park ???

It's getting a little shabby lately...and the BatBlog understands the Park's Authority (City Council) doesn't maintain some of the City parks....(figure that one out)... The understanding is the mayor and city council's pissing contest is the reason for this asinine impasse.

Let's see the Parks authority maintains the  Hwy. 62 medians...Is this a park now ??? but they don't maintain Allison Brooke or the Big Four Landing Parks are they still considered parks ???
Seems like a pretty simple situation turned complicated by a bunch of idiot politicians...

Is it asking too much to have the "Parks" Dept. maintain the errr Parks... Just wondering who do we call to get the grass cut at Allison Brooke ??? The  Street Dept. ??? Recorder's office ??? Sewer Dept. ???

Ahhh remember simpler times when the Parks Dept. took care of parks, Street Dept. took care of streets and your sewer bill could be payed without taking out a second mortgage....Only in Jeffersonville.....