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Monday, October 15, 2012

Election 2012 - Clark County Commissioners Races

Stephenson - Rep.
Myer - Dem.
    Two races for two of the three County Commissioners office in this years Election 2012. Incumbent Democrats Ed Myer and Les Young face challenges from Republicans Rick Stephenson and Jack Coffman. According to the Bat Poll (to the right) the  two incumbents may have a difficult time being re-elected. The continuing financial problems of Clark Co. along with the controversial appointment of John Perkins to the vacated Commissioner's seat of Mike Moore may be more than the enough to defeat the two current Commissioners.

 Real estate agent and former member and President of the Clark Co. Council Jack Coffman who opposes Young has the experience and name recognition to unseat the incumbent. Political newcomer, Army veteran Rick Stephenson who faces off against Myer has an impressive resume' in both the military and civilian life. and should provide a stiff challenge to the incumbent.

Coffman - Rep.
Young - Dem.
  The BatBlog staff unanimously endorse both GOP candidates Coffman and Stephenson who we feel will win convincingly. The Dem. party here in Clark Co. continue to turn their backs to the rank and file voters. Dem. leadership appointed John Perkins to the Comm. seat even though he is a pariah to the mainstream voters. Combined with the terrible leadership that has amplified financial problems and the inroads the GOP has made in the previous election, look for a sweep by the Rep. Party in the Co. Commissioners races....


  1. Myer and Young need to go and will be defeated.

  2. I don't care for Ed but his last named is spelled Meyer.